I’m sure many have already heard that Turbine had some issues over the weekend, but it was very nice to see the post from Sapience on the exact cause of the outage.  He also does toss out a teaser that there might be some sort of “plans” in work for this weekend.  I’m not sure what all they have up their sleeve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did some sort of XP boost.  We can also hope for something cooler, but either way I appreciate the work Turbine put in on Sunday and any return to the players is a welcome concept.

The other cool item of the week was from Kehleyr who posted that the second wave of invites have been sent out for the Isengard Preview Program.  If you applied for the program but haven’t received an invite, make sure to check your spam folder.  Also remember that there’s a strict NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with this program, so keep that in mind before accepting the invitation.