On february 13th 2011 event organizer Ed’rashtekaresket could check off another successfull class, this time with attendance from CCP Developers: CCP Oneiromancer, CCP Konflikt, and CCP Habakuk as guest instructors.

While the class took place during wartime, this did not affect the class in the slightest; “I’m just floored, I had no idea people thought this highly of what I was doing. I have to give credit to Neville Smit, Dierdra Vaal, Kelduum Revaan and probably at least a few other Unistas who have helped me along the way. And of course to CCP for being willing to give us all this time, energy and information!” said event organizer Ed’rashtekaresket.

The event took roughly 115 minutes with several stops under way to answer questions about the bugreporting process, the ISD ECAID and other related questions. Even though there were well over 100 attendees at one point, everything held together nicely.

According to Kelduum Revan, CEO of EVE University  “The server had a few teething issues, and we set a new record for both users on the server, but with a little adjustment, it turned out well.”

As soon as the recording and transcript is available from EVE University it will also be available from this site to help with server strain.

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EVE University is a player run teaching institution and the only one if its kind.

You can find the downloadable class >> here < <