Well, its surely been an interesting few weeks lately!

EVE Stratics has now been fired up again, if you’ve visited us in the past you’ll notice quite a few changes around here!

The old portal is in the process of being ported over to WordPress. Untill the final articles have been ported over, they will be available here.

Similarly, we are still copying developer blogs and update notes over from the official website. While there isn’t a fixed date for completion of this project its estimated that within 3-6 months the process will be complete.

Update notes as well as developer blogs will allways come with a reference to the official website, while content unique to Stratics is whats its really all about (if we’ve missed a link or to, feel free to point it out!).

Stratics has allways been about the community, and it will continue to be just that. But with TGN’s help, we’ve been able to complement the textual content with videos made by our editors and I am also hoping to get more content writers to feed us a bit more articles about players. Wanna be part of the team? X up here.

I am hoping that we’ll be able to bring you some interviews very soon!

And that’s really where I come in. I’m Vince – and I’ve been all about community in the past few years working as a voluntary player rep for another MMO doing all kinds of stuff. From helping out with testing, community events and extensive experience as a guide creator as well. I’m hoping to bring my experience to the table to put the spotlight on you – the player and on the guy or girl behind the screen helping to make the game a better experience for everyone – or well … some of us.

If you have a story to share, send me a pm on our forums so we can connect and your story will be given the attention it deserves!


Managing Editor