Capsuleers across New Eden was yesterday wardecced on twitter by a poster (ShesUnskippable) on Twitter, claiming that the #tweetfleet hashtag had been used for several years by the people following the Discovery series “Deadliest Catch”.

But if you are confused, youre far from the only one. While the hit series started shooting back in 2005, a quick google search does not mention the hashtag as an affiliate of this show. Instead you’ll find exclusively EVE Online referring articles and websites. The one referral that gets close is #Northwestern Tweet Fleet – which was quickly dismissed by the users as being inconvenient and cumbersome. It was simply too long.

On the EVE side of things, the #tweetfleet hashtag was put to use in 2009 by 00sage00. This should come as no surprise to the regular tweetfleet followers. You can find out more here:

One may wonder though, if this is the simple ramblings of a mad-woman or if its a legitimate piece of grade A trolling crabmeat that is merely looking for more attention to her show. Whether wrong or right – lets consider this for a second though; If they had used the hashtag for a few years, surely – they would have used the hashtag for a few years …

The response from the well oiled war machine that is #Tweetfleet was a prompt attack and annexation of the #DeadliestCatch hashtag as several capsuleers turned their attention towards this single tweeter and gave her a full broadside with love from Empire Space.

Twitterstats provided the following data (last 24 hours)


 The interest in annexating the new hashtag clearly shows.