This post may be about another game, however DUST 514 will be so intrinsically linked to EVE Online I’m going to go ahead and post it anyway.

A hacker, who is more than a little excited about the release managed to dig up some files from the official website, which only displays a timer at present. The hacker managed to find some new screenshots and the XML page which will replace the timer once it hits 0.

What is interesting is the screenshots. All of them have been branded with a PS3 logo. This ties in with the fact the timer ends as soon as Sony’s E3 starts. This seems to heavily suggest the game will be a PS3 exclusive. It may just be misleading and they didn’t put up any Xbox pictures as they’re going to release the Xbox announcement at later date, who knows.

However, what is known is that it’s not going to be released on the PC. I imagine a lot of EVE Online players may be upset, but come on, in this day and age, who hasn’t got both a PC and a console? CCP might be trying to make sure they don’t affect the active population of EVE Online which is small in comparison to other well-known MMOs.

If you want to know more about DUST 514 itself, there’s a thread on it on our forums which has a link to what is known currently about the game. You can view it here.

Below are a couple pictures with the branding – Click to enlarge.