The Rune-Keeper is a master of the written word.  Not only does he know the secrets of the ancient runes found inscribed throughout Middle-Earth he is able to tap the power they contain.  That which a Rune-Keeper writes can often become reality at his whim.

The Rune-Keeper is the closest to a Spell-Caster of any class in Lord of the Rings: Online, but for all the power they posses they have a definitive weakness.  Rune-Keepers may  focus on either dealing damage or healing comrades but they are unable to do both at once.

As a Rune-Keeper engages in battle, he becomes attuned to the power of the runes he is inscribing.  As either combative, or healing energies are built up he unlocks the ability to put them to greater use, either by preforming more effective heals or by delivering more damaging attacks on his foes.  The energies he uses for either healing or dealing damage are opposites, as he becomes more attuned to one, he loses ability to make use of the other until he purges himself of the rival energy.

The above image is of the Rune-Keepers attunement panel as the Rune-Keeper builds up Combative Energy the panel will highlight to the Left of the Center mark as shown by the Yellow to Red rings.  If he is preforming Healing duties his attunement panel will fill to the Right highlighting the Green Rings.  The Center Point is the “Steady” point where a Rune-Keeper can only use his weakest skills and abilities, and the use of them will begin the shift towards one end of the spectrum or the other.  Once the attunement panel is filled to one side or the other the Rune-Keeper can unleash either his greatest damaging skills or his most effective healing abilities respectively.


Racial Restrictions: Only Elves and Dwarves may become Rune-Keepers

Primary Role: Healer or Damager but only one or the other at a given time.


Rune-Keepers in Solo Play:

Rune-Keepers make ideal solo play character, they possess something no other class has, the Rune of Restoration.  The Rune of Restoration is a Rune Stone the Rune-Keeper can summon before battle that will continually provide healing until it’s duration runs out or enemies destroy it.  The Rune of Restoration will often times draw threat from enemies allowing the Rune-Keeper to attack them without risking damage to himself.   Combined with their ability to cast Prelude to Hope at any time during battle, a small Heal over Time spell that doesn’t require healing attunement the Rune-Keeper can often survive battles that hardier classes cannot.   The inability for the Rune-Keeper to wear anything but Light Armor, or use shields does pose additional risk, as if the Rune-Keeper is disarmed he has no option but to flee or fall back until such time as he can re-equip his only weapon, his Rune-Stone.


Rune-Keepers in Fellowship Play:

Rune-Keepers are excellent characters in fellowships as well, often used for their healing abilities the Rune-Keeper provides numerous stackable heal over time methods.  The ability to revive fallen comrades and negate a limited number of attacks on fellowship members makes them a welcome choice as a support member of any group.  If the Rune-Keeper joins a group as a damager, he has the ability to stack multiple tiered damage over time effects on an opponent, as well as the ability to unleash devastating abilities once his attunement has built up.