This weekend, CSM flew out to Iceland to engage in a very important meeting with CCP following the outrage over Noble Exchange (here on known as NEX), a leaked article and the buggy expansion, Incarna. An official written and video response from CCP Zulu is still being finalised and translated in to Russian and German.

Many players are anxiously waiting to hear what they have to say about the NEX store and paid to win items. The thought of paid to win items was brought about in the leaked internal magazine, Fearless which had CCP Soundwave discussing the prospect of such a store. The whole idea of turning the game in to a freemium game is ludicrous, especially as they’re charging a subscription higher than other MMOs. Unfortunately, CCP haven’t directly denied implementing more than just vanity items in the NEX store.

The meeting also focused on the expansion itself and the problems its facing in regards to overheating players’ hardware, and the poor loading times. More on this can be read in the previous post. There’s also been talk about CCP purposely making sure Incarna works best on NVidia as they’re working on a deal with them to sell discounted graphics cards to EVE players. This is probably just speculation and too many people with tinfoil hats talking publicly.

There was also a glimpse of time dilation, the new feature being implemented by CCP to solve lag which is discussed on our forum and was mentioned on EVE TV at Alliance Tournament 9. The $99 license to use CCP’s intellectual property was also discussed which was mentioned by CCP Zulu a few weeks back which again, didn’t bode well with the community.

Whatever is said, CCP and CSM are making sure their statements portray exactly what they want and to make sure there’s no failure in communication this time as seen by CCP Zulu’s past couple blog posts. How much will be said on “gold ammo” and the NEX store in general is unknown. It is hoped CCP will get it right this time and explain it thoroughly so there’s no more aggro on the forums. A lot rests on the results of these talks, especially if CCP wish to develop World of Darkness and DUST514 which are being funded by EVE subscriptions apparently.