Earlier today, BioWare Co-Founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk took to the stage at Gamecom to participate in a Q&A session with attendees.

While not all of the information was particularly fresh, some interesting new details were leaked out.

Some of the interesting nuggets listed below:

*No VOIP at launch
*End game content will be along the lines of 2 and 4 man content and Daily quests.
*Beta weekends start in the ‘fall’.
*GuildHQ will be moving to Phase 2 very soon.
*Morality Raid gear will exist for neutral/grey characters.
*Ultimately PvP ranks and rating will be added, not a launch feature.
*16-man Operations will grant better quality loot than 8 man Operations
*Some plans for starships later, including special ships for other purposes
*Greg prefers Tanks, Ray prefers Healing classes.

The Q&A starts around the 4:30 mark

Watch live streaming video from biowaretv at livestream.com