So today I came across something I thought I would never hear.Tonight I happened to be switching through channels, when I saw a commercial that completely threw me off guard.  The reason being had nothing to do with the show it was advertising, but more along the lines of me thinking to myself…”Did I just hear that”?  As I sat there in front of my television quickly pressing the rewind button over and over, I came to the realization that “Maybe WAR is more influential than folks think”.

I immediately ran to my computer and began to search through my audio files and music for a specific song.  When I finally came upon this instrumental piece, I had to keep playing it, and then the commercial over a couple of times.  I even verified it with some friends.

So now I bring it to you the community.  Are my ears deceiving me?  Am I reading too much into it?  Did someone on this show like this song from playing WAR, and decided that they would use part of it for the commercial?

It is only the first part roughly the first 10 seconds of each, but still worth checking out.

This made me want to revisit the Soundtrack for WAR, and go through the songs one by one.  Some of them I feel are amazing, while others I feel do not really capture the essence of WAR.  You can find the available songs here on the Official site.  You will also get another little gem there as well.

As always,