Welcome all to the new WAR Stratics Site.

I am Mykiel the Managing Editor of the site, and am looking forward to talking about, reporting on, and showcasing the game that I do so love enjoy playing.  Some folks may already know me, and other I am sure do not.  To give you a little information about myself, I have been playing WAR since Beta, and through the good times and bad, I still find myself enjoying this game.  I know I am not alone in this thought, and with my fellow WAR players help I look to bring WAR to the front and allow others to experience the game, and if they happen to need help or an answer to a problem, then assist there as well.

A game community is an important thing.  It gives us a place where we feel we can belong and talk about all things game and non-game related, whether we are in our pixilated fantasy world or having a discussion on forums while we are sitting on the couch watching a Football game.

This is a good time for Warhammer Online and it’s Community, with the upcoming reintroduction of Forts into the game, and the upcoming release of Wrath of Heroes, plus any of the other stuff that the Dev’s might have up their sleeves.

I wanted to keep this post short so I could start working on somethings up coming to Warhammer Online.

With that being said…


Mykiel “WAR ME Stratics”