With any online game the community is an important part of any game.  That is why I am working with the community to showcase players.  Tonight we start off the Community Spotlight series with a player I have have fought against many times on the battlefield.  Each players sees the game differently, and this is what makes us a great community.












Q:  What brought you back from your recent break from WAR?

A:  I finally got internet at my new place and I got less busy with life so I decided to come back.

Q:  What toon do you normally play on?

A:  My main is Osyrisx, the DoK.

Q:  What do you enjoy the most about WAR?

A:   I enjoy the ORvR and SC’s with friends primarily.  I don’t mind pugging either, and it seems to lead to fun fights when fighting other pug groups.

Q:  What do you dislike most about WAR?

A:  Lack of new content seems to be what has driven most of the people I know away. Nothing truly new since LOTD. Would have loved to see them use the Warhammer IP more extensively.

Q:  Are you excited about any of the upcoming changes; Forts, Grovard Caverns, possible implementation of XP off?

A:  I am very much excited about them.  I enjoyed them a lot back in the day, and from what I’ve read on the new relic system, it seems it will bring something new for me to do in the game.  Some of my friends have described how the relic system is something similar to DAOC, which many of them loved.

Q:  What change in the past did you like the most?

A:  The new content back in the day, especially when they added Blackguards, Knight of the Blazing Suns, Choppas, and Slayers.  I feel new classes and races play a big factor in keeping people interested in MMOs like these.

Q:  What change in the past did you dislike the most?

A:  Some of the patches with certain combat changes to classes. It’s more of a “what were they thinking?” kind of deal (Such as the AoE problem way back lol). I also didn’t like the Skaven idea and how they implemented that. Everyone had higher hopes on that, and worse they never ran the idea through with the players.

Q:  Any words of advice to your fellow players, or anyone you want to talk smack about?

A:  Overall, the game is fun and can still be quite exciting. The game is a much better experience when you have friends and an active guild to play with. Also, a shout out to all the old school players who helped me learn the classes well (Blemish, Klatt, and Kefalas), and all my Iron Rock friends whom have made this a great experience…And remember everyone, Infraction has $%#^… so stay away.

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