One of the first things I look for in any game is the level of immersion I might be able to enjoy. For this I look at environments, NPC interaction and of course, housing. As a long time Ultima Online player, I’ve begged and screamed for a more immersive environment to be built for Sosaria. Yes, the isometric layout is very comfortable, and I can play on my older computers and laptop, but I really want to escape when I game. As the technology has progressed, alas, UO has not. I’ve lamented this shortcoming enough and as a gamer, I admit I have been spending more time in other worlds that give me the immersion I seek. However, it is rather hard to move my main persona into another world – for the “feel” just isn’t right.

Being a fan of Richard Garriot, and knowing it is his brain-child that I’ve been so dedicated to since 1997, I jumped to support his return to MMO development. And I am not sorry! Already, I am yearning for the open hills around Owl’s Head, the gentle breezes rustling the leaves of the trees! Yes, I’ve found an environment I most definitely can move myself into.

Without further ado, here is a highlight from my venture into the new realm of the Avatar. If you want to see more, visit my Twitch channel.