Congrats to Maaris95 aka Chuckborris for winning the first Stratics Treasure Hunt!

Hello and welcome to the first Stratics Level 1 Treasure Hunt! The event will take place on EU servers, using the realm Ghostlands as the basis. In order to participate in the contest, you will be creating level 1 Tauren of any class, equipped with nothing but the starter gear. The goal is to follow a laundry list “Treasure Hunt” style, working out clues and hints to six specific locations. From the Tauren starting area, you will travel the world uncovering its mysteries as well as taking in the scenic views of the video game we all love. At each location will be a “Quest Giver” who will reward you with the information or item you will need to move on to the next trial. The first gate will act as an initiation for all the contestants, and subsequent 4 trials will grant an item to those who make it there in time.

To be declared the victor, you will have completed all 6 trials and possess all 4 of the previous items when you reach the 6th Quest Giver. At this point, you will trade in what you have earned thus far, and will be rewarded with a legendary item to signify your success! The winner will also be awarded 1 mount from the blizzard store of their choice (roughly 25 USD / 15 GBP.)

The contest will begin on Saturday at 4:00 PM GMT+0 (11am EST) and will be streamed on Twitch.tv/syiler. Expect around 2 hours for the full event.

The First Trial:

Across the world we gaze, on top the rocks we stand.
The Mesa to our east, the village in our sight.
From this place we start our journey
And travel through the night.

The Second Trial:

In their tower, Warlords stand
Across the barren sands.
War achieved, without the weak
“Victory or Death,” you hear them scream.

The Third Trial:

“Their wings carried them high,
But the Hammer falls low.
Here I watched them, over dry land
Now flooded, all we know.”
– Swiftmountain

The Fourth Trial:

A once peaceful forest
now torn a sunder.
Elvin war, on Tauren lore
with a great view from up above!

The Fifth Trial:

“The scales of time do ebb and flow,
but still I swim to and fro
In the verdant waters of Feralas.”
– Ahi

The Sixth and Final Trial:

The ogres reign here,
with little concern for life.
In this pit, they praise the strong
steadfast throughout all time.