wow___tirisifal_glades___brill_13_by_byorrsingyr-d4j49m3Congrats to our winners!
1st – Xmpel
2nd – Goggetta
3rd – Morgs1314
4th – Crider
5th – Runninman
Honorable Mention – Kritz

Hello and welcome to the second Stratics Level 1 Treasure Hunt! The event will take place on EU servers, using the realm Ghostlands as the basis. In order to participate in the contest, you will be creating a level 1 Undead of any class, equipped with nothing but the starter gear. The goal is to follow a laundry list “Treasure Hunt” style, working out clues and hints to six specific locations. From the Undead starting area, you will travel the world uncovering its mysteries as well as taking in the scenic views of the video game we all love. At each location will be a “Quest Giver” who will reward you with the information or item you will need to move on to the next trial. Differing from last time, there will not be an initiation gate, so if you aren’t on time expect to be at a significant disadvantage!

To be declared successful, you will have completed all 6 trials and possess all 5 of the previous items when you reach the 6th Quest Giver. At this point, you will trade in what you have earned thus far, and will be rewarded with a legendary item to signify your success! The top three place for some fabulous prizes!

The first-place winner will be awarded 20 GBP Stratics Credit on the Blizzard Store! With this, you can choose any combination of items that equate, such as:

1x Mount,
2x Game Time,
1x Game Time + 1x Pet,

The second and third place will be awarded their choice of either 1 pet or game time!

The contest will begin on Saturday at 3:00 PM GMT+0 (10am EST) and will be streamed on Expect around 2 hours for the full event.

The First Trial:

On the Dock we rarely sleep,
This lake, now filled with all disease.
Though here we find Gunther’s Retreat
And start the race to win some things!

The Answer is: Brightwater Lake Dock!

The Second Trial:

Plants and death, here you will find
homage to some other kind
of game, perhaps a wicked call
Past Dalaran before the fall.

The Answer is: Brazie Farmstead, outside the Dalaran Crater!

 The Third Trial:

The once great empire of Arathor now sits quiet.
Past the Syndicate, watching the Insane,
a group of pirates still claim this cave.
Rumor of a path around the walls echo
in the ears of those eager to win!

The Answer is: Faldir’s Cove!

The Fourth Trial:

Under the restless mountains, once impassable with time,
our journey finds a path, such past the Aerie within rhyme.
Once a restless Nightmare, some seldom travel shows,
that the victor claims their spoils, from Dragons long ago.

The Answer is: Seradane!

The Fifth Trial:

A gap we see in the peak!
The path brings pain and bliss,
a brief respite on top the school
Where Barov used to sit.

The Answer is: On top of Scholomance!

The Sixth and FINAL Trial:

Once Silver Hands reached towards the sky
though by frosted blade he fell.
The Light we find, honors his mind
and all he sought to quell.

The Answer is: Uther’s Tomb!