For those of you who haven’t been following, starting around July 4th, I began predicting a series of events including each zone’s release, the testing of 5 man heroics, the testing of raids, and the completed 90-100 test including the PVE max level servers.

If you are among those people, I am accepting oaths of fealty. All who wish to do so may appear before me within the fortnight, or be branded a traitor to the crown.


Ya so, how bout that call huh Metro? How bout it indeed. I called it on the money, with a few days to spare! Before August on both Raid Testing and most importantly, the instant 100 / leveling completion.

This is really big news, all joking aside guys. I hope you understand why by yourself, but if its not doing it for you, maybe these recent tweets will do it for you.

Try to ignore the morons commenting around these circumstances, but please do understand what these types of announcements mean. Whether or not it was planned as a 6.1 patch, it means its already something they are working through. This being brought up now tells me they are ready to call the final director’s cut and wrap up the WoD world and landscape. Its only been a week since the middle two zones were implemented, and now we already have the entirety of it.

Sure, maybe it wont come fully furnished or completely finished, but the fact that we are even LOOKING at confirmation for future patches and stirring that pot proves what I have been saying for quite some time now.

Let’s be clear as day here, so the next time this happens I can be even more proud.

Raid Testing has started before August – a process that historically has encompassed 4-6 weeks.

Level 100 is testable simultaneously and there will be level 100 premade pve characters – being one of the latest additions to MoP testing.

Less then 4 days in between first two tests – historically 4-6 days ramping near daily.

Raid testing concludes with Mythic in Mid August and wraps up before September.

CM and remainder of heroics open 1-2 weeks from now.

So it is written, so it shall be! Spoken from the mouth of Metro!

One complication is of course the 6.0 PTR. If we ARE on track for October package, then whats taking this so long? They claimed 6.0 should be out at least 1 full month before the expansion, up to as many as 6 or 8 weeks. This is the one big whole in the entire idea, because if this were to be true, then surely it would have to be on the PTR by now? You would imagine they would want at least 2-3 weeks to test that, and if we are giving the 4 week minimum humor, that would mean if the PTR would have to go up next week to play into this as planned.

So do I add this to the myriad of prophecies? Why not man, why not?

So 6.0 PTR no later then week of August 5th. Mark your calendars!


With some semblance of actual information, let’s discuss the process of raid testing and its stability so far.

As many of you may have noticed, this prior attempt was a sheer disaster. Now, the servers are delayed from launching because of an apparent explosion at the power plant…
Not shaping up to be anything worth mentioning, but I suppose worse things have happened.

Once again, if you guys are interested in joining us, feel free. You can add me at Metrolol#1195 on the beta and let me know you are a reader or fan or elephant or whatever. Doesn’t matter. Just let me know its you, so I can keep a headcount.

If things go to plan, we will die together in the halls of Blackrock Foundry. Should be fun.

More realistically though, if there are a bunch of server issues again, don’t expect much. Hard to take it serious when you literally can’t even log in, but if there is actual testing to be recorded and disseminated, I will be doing just that.