Finally, the long awaited Human Male model is revealed! Take a look at some of the images provided by Blizzard, so we can discuss what we think about the most iconic model of the lot.

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First of all, this is not in any way what a Human Male looks like in World of Warcraft. I’m not sure where they even got this screenshot, or if its even from this version of the video game, but I feel pretty cheated by this comparison. For reference, here is what an actual Human Male face looks like.



That puts a bad taste in my mouth, especially considering the updated model is clearly in the highest resolution possible, and the one its compared to is in very low quality. Regardless of Blizzards tactics, let’s move on and examine what makes this new model and set of animations amazing. And why…

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After looking at this image, it makes me completely forget the previous slight we had to endure. This is such a brilliant example of why this expansion is going to be amazing, and why the most identifiable model in the video game will be at its forefront.

The one strange piece I notice is the ridiculously over sized hair brackets in the top left of the four faces. What is this? Is this actually a hair style now? I’ve never seen something that looks like that in game, but I suppose I don’t play the Alliance often. Regardless, I will say that this looks quite strange considering the size of the Human, and I feel that it doesn’t make much sense.

Past that, the point should be clear, that they are fully invested in making the animations spectacular. Look at the quizzical face on the bottom right, as well as the stern and angry faces featured. These are absolutely amazing, and as we saw in the Tauren model, will really add a lot to an already impressive visual.

I can’t impress enough about how this IS the feature, my friends. So many people complain about every old thing, and seem to over look just how huge this will be.

If you haven’t had some time to check out the WoD footage and features we have covered thus far, you really need to before you make another claim like that. It should be abundantly obvious that the visual upgrades this game is receiving will be without question the most significant feature of any expansion. In my opinion, it literally changes the game into something entirely different looking, in a very good way. If you don’t believe me based on this, I invite you to check out my full dissertation on my thoughts surrounding the topic.


Also featured in Chris’s Artcraft post was some news about the model’s introduction to the Alpha. It appears that they will be implementing this model, as well as others that are partially completed, but not yet formally revealed into our testing environment, whenever it decided to come back up. We don’t know if it will be in with the latest build, but this is important for reasons that everyone will be made aware of immediately.

As we saw with the Horde questing in Frostfire Ridge, all the orcs took homage from the newly implemented models, and looked spectacular because of it. It was my main point in the article I wrote on this topic, and I will reiterate it here. Of course, its not likely that there will be an abundance of Humans in Shadowmoon Valley, but you can bet the once that are there will be stunning. It only makes sense that both the Human male and female, as well as the Orc male and female should now be completed, and with these tools in place we can really get a feel for how these zones will feel visually.

Alongside this, its important to remember that all the gear is fitted first to humans and typically displayed as such. This means, from now on, the default looks we get at the new Mythic tier sets, should be on a high definition frame and really display the set’s quality even better.

Whenever the alpha does return, you can expect more and more coverage from us both on Youtube, and in written form. I look forward to seeing you there!

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