Many of you are in the same boat in terms of boredom with WoW. Its the healthy response to something that effectively hasn’t changed for a full year. Think about how this time last year we were getting hyped for SoO and Blizzcon…

It indeed has been quite the long ride, but today I am here to tell you guys about how I have avoided beating boredom on WoW. Your first impression may be along the lines of “Those aren’t things I can do,” but read on my friends! With each topic, I will provide a very real way for even “casual” players to enjoy this content before it becomes a thing of the past.


#5 – Exploration

Easily the best boredom buster I have ever gone through in this game, as it can be done at your own pace. You set the tempo, direction, and levels of interest. Now its not something you do for any specific reasons, but if you must have one, I would encourage you to make a game out of it. Take your least experienced alt and send him all around the world. Have your goal be explore every inch of every zone in either the game, or wherever you are interested in seeing.

Personally, I don’t need any inspiration to be injected into my brain. Its already filled up with the splendors that is Jade Forest, and to some degree, the rest of Pandaria. The thing about Jade Forest, is there are a LOT of areas that you simply never see while questing, and as soon as you hit 90, you will never see them again because the canopy of trees is blocking them as you fly over.

I would encourage you to get on a ground mount, and just walk the whole zone. You’ll see spectacular architecture, little villages you wouldn’t have explored otherwise, and some interesting shrines and locations. Its been quite breathtaking!


#4 – Achievement Hunting

A while back I would have listed this much higher, as I was really interested in getting close to 20k achievement points. Unfortunately, I no longer count that as a goal of mine, but the point is that boredom can EASILY be busted if you can find even remote interest in this topic. I understand its not something a lot of people are keen on, but let me take a moment to explain why it has grown to rapid importance in my eyes.

There are two key reasons really, the first being that I have played this game for 10 years and barely know half of it. All I have ever done is pve and specifically raiding, so getting out and trying Loremaster, or pet battling is a very refreshing pace. It actually really goes hand in hand with the previous and next topic. You get to see the world in a way you may not be used to, and also get some epeen points along the way.

The second reason is the competitive nature in me. Recently, I have noticed its much easier to tell an accomplished player by their achievement points and gear overall. Its not infallible but achievement points in 90 percent of cases can tell you what kind of player the person is relative to their gear. For example, Syiler’s US account has 6k achievement points but is 585 item level. You can immediately tell this is an account he only raids on!

It became most noticeable on the Beta forums, where people constantly whine about topics that affect their gameplay, despite having 5k achievement points and 500 item level. Sorry, but those people don’t have a voice in my eyes. Play the game at your own interest level, but don’t complain about topics that you don’t participate in please!

#3 – Playing the game in Unconventional Ways.

This one is easy and everyone can do it. Long story short: play the game without taking shortcuts.

Try leveling a character where you use no heirlooms. Too easy? Try leveling without gear? Too easy? Try the Ironman Challenge.

Sick of live? Try leveling or playing on a Classic or TBC Private server. You’ll quickly learn that the current version of the game may offer a lot more then you initially realized.

Only play with guildies as I do? Go out of your way to help those less fortunate. Their respect goes a long way in my eyes, and often I find carrying a group through flex 1 is just as rewarding as doing it quickly. Its so nice to make a positive impact on other players within this game.


#2 – Green Fire / Achievement.

For those not aware, the Green Fire line will have an achievement and title tied to it that goes away when 6.0 launches. There’s no reason not to get this, so don’t act like you can’t do it. Very little of it is about DPS and min/maxing this would-be alt, so read into it and give it a shot. Especially if you can get gear from flex and timeless isle, you will find it to be an equitable challenge. Not too difficult, not too easy. The way things should be!


The penultimate level of content for me recently, for a number of reasons. Let’s take the time to go through a few major factors into why CM is quickly growing to surpass every other portion of the game for me, maybe even rivaling progression raiding!

– Always a challenge. This reminds me a lot of why I loved Dark Souls one and two. The game is ALWAYS a challenge, and so are CMs. You can’t out gear it, and even though people claim the extra sockets push you over the edge, its still not nearly as easy as people make it sound. Its very unlikely that you’ll be doing them with people in this situation anyway.

– Help those less experienced! This has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time now. I hate seeing people buy runs. Its just silly. Anyone can do these, no matter experience level or class. I promise you this. If you want them hard enough, it can be done comfortably. If you are inexperienced, then become experienced. I would ever help. Just add me (Metrolol#1195.)

– Daily CM? I honestly forgot this was even a thing until recently, but with this being a very favorable way to gear up come WoD launch, I have started getting into the mindset of doing it now. The way I go about it is I tank, and pug the rest in trade chat. Tanking is the hardest role for sure, and helping others see the content behind a skilled tank is the most reasonable. Especially because I know how important this will be come mythic pre-raid BIS, its good to get people used to seeing your name in trade now.


So those are my top five boredom busters while we wait for 6.0. If you guys have any questions, I would love to hear them. If you want to try some content, or just hang out, feel free to add me on Horde US! In the end, playing the game with friends is what its all about!