What’s up guys, Syiler here and today we are taking a look at an AddOn that is a personal favorite of mine! The AddOn is called AutoTurnIn and allows you to instantly pick up quests and dailies along with instantly handing them in making the questing and daily experience a lot smoother. It has some great features such as it can choice the quest reward for you and even equip it for you if it is an upgrade which saves tons of time during leveling!


You install AutoTurnIn the same as you would with any other AddOn, download it here – http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/autoturnin once it’s downloaded extract the contents into your AddOns folder. If you aren’t sure where that is located then do a search for World of Warcraft, then go inside the Interface folder and finally the AddOns folder!


Once you have it installed, log in, press Escape and click on Interface. A new window will open and click on the AddOns tab at the top, then click AutoTurnin to reach the AddOns options. Ensure the “Enabled” box is ticked. Under the Quests to handle section set it to whether you want it to handle just Daily quests or All quests (All quests being normal “Yellow” flagged quests). To the right you can tick the “Accept ‘grey’ quests” if you are doing low level quests for Loremaster or other goals.


The “Quests with rewards” section you can set to either “Don’t turn in” which will not automatically turn in quests which have rewards, “Loot most expensive reward” which will choice the reward which will vendor for the highest value or “Loot by parameters” which will loot the quest reward based on the parameters you can set up for it to go from.

The “Tournament” section is for the Argent Tournament dailies in Northrend, you can make it select either the Champion’s Purse or the Champion’s Writ.

Tick the “Equip received reward” box if you want the quest rewards to be automatically equipped to save you time, generally it will check against the items Ilvl before replacing it but it does sometimes function strangely against Heirlooms so keep an eye out for that!

The other important area here is the “Enable/disable key” this allows you to no longer automatically turn in or pickup a quest if you hold a specific key. This is useful if you want to read a quest before it is picked up or turned in!


Reward Parameters


With that section setup how you want it, click the small + box next to AutoTurnIn in the AddOns list and click “Rewards” this will open the Reward parameter options.

The first box is “Weapons” here you will want to tick any weapons that your class can use. For example as a Hunter you would only tick Bows, Guns and Crossbows as the other weapons are useless to you!

The next box is Armor, the drop down allows you to select the armor type you would like to loot so once again as a Hunter you would choice Mail but this will function strangely at lower levels where Mail gear is not an option so keep that in mind. The Jewelry box is if you want it to loot Rings, Necks and Trinkets. The Offhand box is if you want to use offhands same with Shields tickbox and finally is the Back tickbox if you want the AddOn to loot back pieces and equip them if they are higher ilvl.

The next box is for Attributes, tick the boxes that your class and spec would use so as a Hunter you would just tick Agility. As a Priest you would tick Intellect AND Spirit.

The last section is Attributes 2, this is secondary stats so choice things your class uses as a stat. A Hunter would take Crit, Expertise, Mastery, Haste and Hit as these stats are useful! You wouldn’t tick Spell Power or Dodge as those have no benefit to a Hunter.

Just underneath here is a small tickbox “Greed if nothing found” this will choice the item of the highest vendor value if nothing is available as an upgrade based on your Reward loot parameters!

That is it! The AddOn is now setup and good to go, this AddOn is a must in my opinion for leveling or even doing dailies, you don’t realise how much time you actually would save from instantly handing in and accepting quests! Credit goes to Lurkerrr for developing this AddOn – http://www.curse.com/users/lurkerrr http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/autoturnin