News today comes in the shape and form of preparation to send Mists of Pandaria into the archives and make way for Warlords of Draenor. Confirmed to be around the date of 10th March, less than one week from now, Mists of Pandaria’s Digital Deluxe edition will be retired into the Blizzard Archive.

This means that you will no longer be able to purchase the Digital Deluxe edition, and thus begins the first step towards being able to pre-order the next expansion Warlords of Draenor at some undisclosed date afterwards.


Mists of Pandaria’s Digital deluxe edition contains both an in-game mount and in-game pet, so if you are still undecided to get those articles of the game or not, this will likely help you make that decision much easier. Blizzard go on to mention that the Digital Deluxe version of Pandaria, whilst being retired now, may at some point in the future rear it’s head again, but they are not confirming anything. For now it’s best to presume that you won’t see them again for a while, if at all.

So what does this mean in terms of WoD?

Well if we look at this from another perspective, a date on anything at this point is a huge giveaway as to the planning process for the pre-order process and somewhat indicative towards any possible beta plans, which would come shortly after. If the 10th of March is the end of MoP DD pre-order, it could mean that we would see the pre-order for the next WoW expansion days, maybe even 1-2 weeks maximum after this point. You have to remember that the store page would need a new promotion, it’s fairly unlikely they would leave it blank for too long. Anything could happen though, but the speculation is much easier if you look at this from a business stand point. Literally mopping up MoP is the final stage needed on the store front before a new promotion could be introduced, and there is nothing more anticipated than WoD pre-order and the subsequent level 90 boost features, one of which you would get free with WoD pre-order. Thinking back to Blizzcon, they mentioned that the free 90 would be something that they would introduce with the pre-order a good deal of time prior to the games release, giving people time to get accustomed to their character and it’s abilities at 90. From that alone it makes me think they mean months and months prior, rather than a week before release.

Keeping people interested in the lull between content is something they wanted to cut out of the process

The past couple of weeks have been wonderful for a sudden burst in WoD news, weather it be class changes, PvP changes, etc. Now with this date for the end of MoP D.D, it’s all drawing to a close in preparation for the next chapter in World of Warcraft! Be sure to stay around here at Stratics, for Daily/ Weekly news, lore, discussions and more!