Check out the full Ashran Preview here first!

For those that are likely wondering how to access this, it first came to my attention during the second stage of quests in Tanaan. For some reason, it is across the ocean from the back of Tanaan, but in order to actually access it you need to be aware of a few things.
First of all, in the Alpha, there is technology implemented for Tanaan that prevents you from moving any stages ahead. I am not sure why, or if this will be like that as well in Live, but it makes sense because of how heavily phased everything is.
Therefore, if you try to go across the ocean immediately, you will be stopped and ported back to whichever stage you are on.

To make it there without this issue, you need to have completed the quest where Khadgar destroys the bridge. This is what originally turned my attention, as I wanted to see what fail safe there was for if you managed to fall off the destroyed bridge. Feel free to do so, and then search your mount list for the Water Strider from the Angler’s Rep and mount up and follow the only water outlet to the sea. After a short ride, you will begin to see it take shape.

Once you are close enough, the text Ashran will pop up, and the skybox will alter.

I’m not sure its intended to be there, but its pretty obvious that neither it, or its borders are fixed as of the current build, noticeable by the untextured cliff faces and oddly shaped beaches.
Regardless, you can see a sizable portion of this zone, and can recognize most of its tiling is fully finished.

My opinions are largely encompassed by the views and layout of the area, but since this is one of my most anticipated features, I will wait until its actually meant to be tested before writing full thoughts. This was just to provide a sneak peak as well as replication help.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I appreciate your support, and hope to see you all in the Alpha!