Its that time again! Portalarium has flung open their development server for the 7th scheduled Pre-Alpha weekend. This release also brings back two of your favorite Stratics personalities, Rhiannon (Managing News Editor) and Kirthag (Editor in Chief) with their shenanigans and explanations of just what’s what this release.

This release has a lot of anticipated features and improvements, but for this pair, it really is all about the Housing. The basics of house security, the new Row Houses, House Boats and other house tweaks are on top of our staffer’s minds. Kirthag is planning to purchase the Addon Rustic 3-Story while giving her Founder boathouse gift to Rhiannon. Both women have decided on where they will reside and have got their houses set. Let the decorating commence! Both women plan to stream more over the weekend to show off.

During a 2 hour streaming session, the women tested some of the new features while bantering back and forth. From housing security to noting some possible grief-issues, Rhiannon does well to keeping her focus against Kirth’s antics. Kirthag also gets into an explanation of housing and what is needed to claim virtual real estate in New Britannia. Rather than post the complete two hour stream (with lag, crashes, logouts and dead-air), several highlights are collected into a playlist for you to view and enjoy.

If you’d like to visit with Rhiannon and Kirthag while they are in SotA, check either or visit Kirthag’s personal site for the stream and chat with them. Better yet, become a Shroud of the Avatar Backer and experience, first hand, what these women have been talking about! Kirthag hasn’t set up a real schedule for her streams, but she does plan to be live periodically during this weekend. Cannot make it? Then tune in over the Fourth of July weekend! SotA will be at RTX and they plan to open the Pre-Alpha server then as well! (If not, Kirthag will stream from some other game.)

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