WASHINGTON, DC–Stratics.com, we’re pleased to announce, is finally acting as a true hub for all gaming news within our network. New articles about EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Shroud of the Avatar, Ultima Online, WildStar Online, and World of Warcraft, among other titles, are now being pushed to the front page of our network.

For many years, Stratics leadership tried unsuccessfully to turn Stratics.com into a general news site. But “general interest” has never been what Stratics is about. Stratics is a “community of gamers” united in support of a select list of titles that we–collectively, the Stratics staff, readers, and community members–feel most passionate about.

Stratics.com will continue to publish original news and editorials, but the thrust of our publishing apparatus will now be to support a finite list of titles and publishers that we choose to invest in–titles that we feel personally invested in promoting. This includes the titles that we currently represent, but it also opens the door for partnerships with new games. We’re not looking for mere “headline news.” No, we’re looking to build relationships–the kind of relationships that facilitate helpful player-developer interaction over a period of many years.

As we transition to an updated content strategy, nothing will change on our individual communities. UO Stratics, for example, will continue to be the most comprehensive source of UO news, strategy, statistics, and lore on the Internet. However, to get a glimpse of all of the hottest stories across the Stratics network, we encourage you to visit https://wordpress.ravenant.com. In addition to articles, you will also see discussion threads populated across Stratics Forums by our news feeds.

We’ve come a long way in the past few months toward re-discovering what makes Stratics special. We have a long way to go, still, in achieving our vision. Nevertheless, whatever challenges we may face, we’ll continue to aspire to become “a mainstay of support for the games that we represent by creating valuable resources, developing strong communities, inspiring professionalized team members, and amplifying the voices of players and developers.”

If you have thoughts on how we can continue to improve our publishing and community support, please reach out at [email protected] or start a conversation with us on Stratics forums. We look forward to hearing from you.

Taylor and Airmid
Owners, Stratics

About Us


Founded in 1997, Stratics is the world’s oldest, continually-operating MMO fansite. We began as a community of players supporting Ultima Online, publishing news, strategy guides, and statistics for the title. Over the years, we have extended similar support to a variety of titles, partnering with numerous game publishers, including BioWare, Blizzard, CCP Games, Funcom, Mythic, Nexon, Origin, Portalarium, and ZeniMax. Stratics is an anagram for strategy and statistics.


We are a diverse community of gamers united by a shared passion to serve the players, assist the developers, and promote the games that we support by: publishing news, strategy, and statistics; strengthening player communities; and creating positive communication between players and developers.


Our vision is to become a mainstay of support for the games that we represent by creating valuable resources, developing strong communities, inspiring professionalized team members, and amplifying the voices of players and developers.


  1. People – Stratics affirms the instrinsic worth of every person and seeks to create opportunities for talented gamers to build careers in the gaming industry.
  2. Community – Stratics is committed to pursuing its mission in a way that is community-led, community-driven, and community-focused.
  3. Integrity – Stratics resolves to conduct its operations to the best of its ability with honesty, fairness, and transparency.
  4. Communication – Stratics seeks to facilitate open and honest communication within the communities that it serves between readers, players, developers, and publishers.
  5. Passion – Stratics is devoted to creating an environment that unites diverse team members through a shared passion for gaming, because we believe that working hard and playing hard go hand in hand.