Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the official WoW Stratics Podcast!
The project is a joint effort by everyone here at the WoW Stratics writing team, and challenges topics regularly with special guests, interviews, news, community integration and much, much more!
Our Hosts include:
Metro; a 25 player heroic raider and raid leader of the guild <ONE> at Firetree Horde US,
Meoni, a fellow 25 man raider and resident timekeeper here on the show!

Our other normal members could not be around this week, but look forward to their return shortly!


This episode features a recap of all the big news that has broke within the last month, while Metro and Meoni give their opinions on such. Some of the topics include:

Expansion Price
Level 90 Boosts implemented
Other Blizzard Titles and their competition with WoD Beta
Potential Release date / Controversy?
No Flying in WoD
Newest Character Animations and Trailers
Racial Changes
MASSIVE Healing Changes!

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