Elder Scrolls Online recently took a poll of the players favorite builds to use in a new recurring series. This series is meant to highlight or explain some of the more popular or interesting builds that players have come up with. When they choose a build, they post it from the perspective of the player who submitted. I think this is a great feature because you get to find out how that person uses their build. The player also explains the gear and skills/abilities that they use and why, which makes it easier for others to decide if they want to try out the build.

First in line is The Shadow Knight, which was posted and named by ESO player Kraive Moar. He plays a Nightblade tank but also lists a secondary set up for DPS when his tanking skills are not needed. It is a very detailed build and very easy to follow. I hope that future builds in this ongoing series are as well written and explained as this one.

If you would like to submit your build, contact [email protected], with the skills that you use and a description of the build!

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