Most games are fun to play until next year’s game comes out. You can travel to exotic places, meet strange creatures, kill them, gather marvelous treasures, weapons & armor and max out your skills along the way. Then, if you wish, you can do all that all over again. Or, you can try a new game.

ESO is an exciting game to play. Even in  BETA, the vast, breathtaking world calls to the explorer in every gamer. The NPC communities are intriguingly realistic thanks to their complex relationships and five-star voice acting. Alliance warfare challenges and rewards PvPers. Crafting is habit forming and of great use. Monsters geared to the player’s level are readily available and quests reward the player with higher levels, new skills and better equipment. Multiple chat capabilities allow the player to customize their own chat. ESO is the best MMO I have played to date and will easily be rated the best of 2014.

But, is it a home game? Will a player ever be able to build a home where they can express their individuality and while away the time ? Can we ever form player communities of friends and family? ESO continues to say the game, “…will not launch with player housing available.” ( )which leaves open the possibility. But it can’t be your home game if y’can’t build a house there. We all like to hang loose sometimes and there’s no place for relaxing like your own home.

For now, it is easy to predict that Elder Scrolls Online will be the Game of the Year for 2014. Don’t deny yourself the adventure. Buy the game!
Make friends there and hopefully, we’ll see each other in-game next year and the next year & the next ….