ESO just notified their fans that the console games (XBoxOne/PS4) will be delayed at least 6 months. ESO will be working on the console versions but are citing difficulties integrating the game from PC/Mac to console. It is difficult to take the game to console, especially 2 different consoles. The issues are unique to the console games, and will not affect players using the PC/Mac platform.

The June release date is no longer feasible and they have an added an estimated 6 months on to the release timeline. To try and make it up to the console gamers, they have come up with an alternative special offer. Anyone who purchaes the PC/Mac game by the end of June, will have the opportunity to transfer their characters to either console game upon their release. Console gamers can then start playing immediately and not have to wait until the console version is released. Eligible gamers that purchase the PC/Mac version by the end if June, will be able to purchase a digital version of ESO on either console for $20, transfer their characters, and get another $30 of game time.

ESO will continue to work hard on integrating ESO on the console games. They will keep players updated with the console progress, special offer dates, and character transfers. ESO is taking a great leap in customer care by not releasing a buggy version of the console game just to get them into the stores by their original projected time frame of June. Thumbs up to ESO!

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