Double XP!

Today we are testing the double XP code! You will receive double XP for everything except for quests and the first time you complete a recipe.

Armor Dyes.

Today’ update also brings us 44 armor dyes to play with. There is a temporary NPC in Serbule that will sell you these dyes. If I understand this right, as you raise your skill, you will be able to dye in two tones and eventually three tones. Go check it out!

Bug fixes and changes.

20 recipes were fixed, that were consuming empty jars.

You will no longer be able to sprint madly when you go backwards. You will always walk.

Psychology and Mentalism heals are now effected by your phrenology critical hit chances. The type of phrenology needed is based on who you heal. If you heal an elf, your elf skill is checked.

It is now more possible to find items with the “Critical Hit Boost” enchantment. This works for archery crits as well as psychology and mentalism crits (via phrenology).

Fainor no longer sells basic fruits and the fruits he does sell have an insane markup. However, fruits in drops and on the ground have been increased.

The value of lumber has increased.

The value of arrows have decreased, and the money/vendor system changed to accept values less than one coin, so fletchers can not make an insane amount of money crafting arrows. Please look for exploits in the system and report them to the dev!

When you sell items to a vendor, it used to be the default to sell a stack one item at a time. This is no longer the case. The current default now is to sell the entire stack.

You can now grow cotton! You can plant up to 5 at once. Each will generate 2-4 cotton and will require fertilizer.