With still over a week away, Project: Gorgon is already cow deep in activities! Last weekend, their first forums contest was to enter ideas for Kickstarter incentives. The winner, Clarynaa, won herself a set of armor dyes that are not yet available in game. She is a new player, but had good ideas and continues to come around and play, so we are happy to welcome her to the fold. All submissions were good, and may help the team in deciding what incentives to go with.

For this weekend’s contest, posted just minutes ago, contestants can enter with 3 screenshot from the game. As with the last contest, all contestants will be entered into a drawing, so everyone has a chance to win. The screenshots will be used for promotions and other things, like the wiki or forums, depending on the content. The prize this time will be a choice of 20 amethysts (needed for teleportation), 50 skulls of any type (various uses, such as necromancy) OR 100 cotton (used in crafting).

Other contests on the way, so keep an eye on the forums for details!


There will be several live streams over the next 6 weeks. Friday, July 18 is the first. Hosted by seas, a very knowledgable PG tester, this stream will be supported by moderators, developers and other helpers who will be available to answer questions. It will begin at 9am pst and run through most of the afternoon. seas will be touring the sites, doing group and solo dungeon runs, how to maximize your first few hours of game, a pet tournament, grudge matches and more. If you have heard of us, or like sandboxes but are unsure, this will be a good way to get a first look.


Saturday, July 19, we will be gathering for a short time at 2pm cst to talk about player economy and specializing non-combat skills instead of trying to learn them all. The game is still in alpha, so we do not have the game mechanics yet for player vendoring. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other out. Many veteran players don’t like, or don’t have time to farm materials, so this is a great way to help newer players make some gold! Also, if you’re a crafter, you can take orders for armor sets with specific attributes. Or hawk that great piece of legendary gear that is no use to you. Meeting on Saturdays to do this gives us a public scenerio for making unsecured trades with at least one moderator present. Also, its fun to get together in one location for community’s sake after a week of traipsing all over the virtual countryside!

After we meet, IrishRedCap and/or Dreadz will be leading a dungeon run. Which one we go on will depend on who is here and what level their combat skills are. If we have enough people, we can split into a newbie group and a higher level group, as well. Check out the forums for more details.


Rojjin is a veteran player who in addition to being very knowledgable in the game, is also a wizard when it comes to understanding the way skills and gear attributes work and balancing issues. He will be answering questions throughout Kickstarter in the forums. Every week, I will post an invitation to ask questions, and whatever questions there are, he will answer as completely as he can, to the best of his knowledge, in another post. This will run through the month of August, until the end of Kickstarter.

Over the course of August, various players will be hosting live Q&A sessions with some of the developers of Project: Gorgon on Google Hangout, and streamed through Stratics. First up will be with Gremror, another wonderful player/tester. Check the forums often for more details!


Several players will be available throughout Kickstarter to help new people trying the game out. Don’t be shy! Ask any questions you have in global chat. Or if you are uncomfortable with that, a Helper can meet up with you, or develop a private chat. Something to keep in mind is that this is not your average cookie cutter MMO. It may not be your cup of tea. So asking for help is not looked down on. Also, we are still in the alpha testing phase. Some things simply don’t work, are buggy, or not yet implemented. Please make use of the bug report format! Make suggestions as well. These devs want to hear what we want, and what order we want it!

The current list of official helpers are as follows:

seas, nimor, Gregror, Rojjin, Dreadz, IrishRedCap, Mortitia and Lyramis. If you wish to be a helper, please let me know. If you wish to discontinue being a helper, also let me know.


As of today, we have two moderators. The basic function of a moderator is to keep an eye on things and make sure folks are playing nice. Also, offensive names will be perma banned. Both seas and Auriel are game moderators, though Auriel is also the event moderator. They are not necessarily helpers, but they can be.


So you see, we are getting geared up to show you how much we love this game and why we love it, so you can love it too! Give us a look, and see you in Serbule!