Hello Summoners!

The North America League of Legends Summer Split has begun. Today I am taking a look at the first week of the spring split and some of the statistics.


Fans are ready for the games.

 As Week one has come to a close not many teams that people wanted to lead have done that. Especially the NA All-Star leaders Cloud 9; they are at a 2-2 standing tied with CLG (Counter Logic Gaming). Being a Cloud 9 fan myself I am very surprised to see them not blow everyone out of the water. The Chinese team LMQ has made a grand entrance to the NA Split with a 4-0 lead with Team Dignitas not far behind with 3-1. Then in 3rd place comes TSM (Team SoloMid) standing at 3-1 tying with Team Dignitas and hopefully will start week 2 with 4 and 1. After the 5 I just listed came Curse (1-3), compLexity (1-3), and Evil Geniuses (0-4).


4-0 LMQ

 I want to start with showing the top 4 teams win’s and loss in order. To start it all off LMQ being 4-0 has taken out all the teams the faced including Evil Geniuses, CLG, compLexity, and Curse. In almost all 4 games the fan’s voted forLMQ except for their victory on CLG where 65.03% voted for CLG. In second place Team Dignitas Defeated comPlexity, Evil Geniuses, A surprising Victory over Cloud 9, and a loss to curse. Third place is TSM standing at only one loss from Cloud 9 and 3 victory’s from Curse, ComPlexity, and Evil Geniuses. Then in fourth place stands Cloud 9 with 2 wins from TSM and CLG, But not to forget 2 losses from Team Diginitas and also an upset from comPlexity.

Top Performance  

For the Top KDA ratios

1. Danny Shiphtur Le ( Team Dignitas) 21.5

2. Wei-Jun Vasilii Li (LMQ) 17.7

3.Maurice Amazing Stuckenschneider (Team SoloMid) 10.2

4.Soren Bjergsen Bjerg (Team SoloMid) 9.8

5.Xian XiaoWeiXiao Yu (LMQ) 8.8


With many changes to all the team’s especially in Team SoloMid’s Jungle and Bottom do you guys think the teams will be ready? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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