Ion let us in on a strange piece of news today that I find makes me very conflicted. In this Blue Post, he confirms that Horde and Alliance Auction House will be merged, and all things listed across as one might expect.

But wait Metro, isn’t this a good change?

Ya other Metro, I thought so at first glance as well, but it really puts me uneasy. Let’ me explain why.

For years, especially on Firetree, the server we are located on, Alliance and Horde have always been in great contest. Intense rivalries have brewed, and it has created a true demarcation between the two groups.

The fact that we can’t participate in anything together without being against each other helps solidify this notion for me. Its not often you really feel like you have enemies in a game such as this, but I can wholeheartedly say I do about this topic.

The matter was compounded a few years back when hearing about a private TBC realm that offered not only communication between Horde and Alliance, but full compatibility. You could group, chat, level, raid… even pvp together! At first, when hearing about this, I immediately though “wow what a great idea!” I mean it solves so many issues, when you think about it! It now doesn’t matter what race and class you want to play, because across both factions you can find one combination that fits your interests. It also doesn’t matter what your friends want to play. Perhaps they prefer Dwarf while you prefer Blood Elf. Well you are enemies, so better find some new friends!

This same case can be applied to the Auction House merger. At first glance, it helps solidify the economy on those imbalanced realms. Those players on vastly outnumbered alliance realms have less and less reason to flee for their lives to any other server in order to actually have a chance at materials. I mean, its not like this wasn’t already a thing as well! The goblin Auction House has a point of crossing both factions as a gimmick to their service. For a long time, people would have to go all the way out there to see what was happening and see what could be moved across faction.

Oh, but wasn’t there a huge tax on that concept? Ya, there was. It was to limit trade between the factions, in order to emulate the feel of an “underground” unit the Goblins were running to serve both sides as well as them selves.

In fact, I remember a time where going to Alliance side to buy, then shipping across the Goblins at off-peak times to your Horde character, then selling again at profit was a way to increase margins. Sure it was a pain, but it really felt like it was the way it was meant to be.

Listen, I know this is a great change and helps a LOT of people but… The fact alone that we still can’t even communicate in some way, but are now able to buy things from each other really breaks the immersion for me. All through the game you are forced enemies, until all of a sudden you just paid this dude 25k for a BOE…

Should be interesting.

But don’t get me wrong, I am not one who is so wrapped up in Lore and the like that I wouldn’t recognize a good change or even get upset about it. Its just… strange. Don’t you agree? Even for a player like myself, who barely cares about Horde v Alliance in the game world, and does no pvp until its upon me. Even for some one who prefers Alliance but plays Horde…

It just feels really strange, and really akin to something a private server would do. Its an act against the truest division any game has ever had. Let’s hope the benefits outweigh the detriments yet again.

Cheers... I guess...

Cheers… I guess…