Super LGV Challenge – Firefall

During this weeks Sunday Smackdown, I decided to try out the Super LGV challenge in Firefall. This event is running until December 8th. The LGV Challenge event is a time trial, similar to arcade style racing games. You are allocated a certain amount of time to reach the next waypoint and a time increment is added to your clock after passing through each waypoint. So, you are in a race against the clock. Don’t let it run out or you lose!

When you complete one of the LGV Challenge races you will receive either a gold or silver medal depending on how much time you have left. Don’t get too excited about getting a silver medal, it just means you finished. At least you can comfort yourself by understanding that the difference between getting a gold and silver medal is only 4 Kisuton Vouchers. These are redeemable vouchers that can be used to purchase Kisuton Racer Warpaint or a Turbo Kit upgrade for your permanent LGV (if you have one). The turbo function is the same as the one used by the Cheetah LGV for this event, and is is not normally available when purchasing an LGV using Red Beans. It’s worth your time to complete the LGV Challenge a couple times to get enough vouchers to get the turbo because it is pretty sweet…

There are nine total tracks in the LGV Challenge, but I only tried out three of them for this event (Coral Forest). Each track takes about four minutes to complete. I started with the Nutretic Loop at the Nutretic Processing facility. You can watch the video below. This is a really easy loop involving two laps. There are some sharp turns when coming down hill toward the North Shore, so get comfortable with the spacebar (breaks).

The second track I tried was the Shore Shot in the Northern Shore. This was another two lap course. There were no significant elevation changes, so the race was pretty easy (says the guy who couldn’t muster a Gold). Check out the video below.

The last track in the Coral Forest was the Cerrado Challenge. I’d say this is also the most difficult. Maybe it was because I was driving at night, but I think the mountain pass made for a more difficult run than the other two courses. The course is a little annoying because it is not a loop like the others. If you want to try the course a second time, you have to ruck it from Thump Dump back to Cerado Plains. I’ll get my vouchers elsewhere…

Get in there and get racing. Not as exhilarating as a real motorcycle, but it is pretty fun.