On Sunday, December 7, 2014, the guys over at Red 5 Studios decided to entertain us with an all out Chosen attack in Firefall. They called the event, the Nightmare Before Wintertide. It was a special event lasting only 3 hours. During the event, the ares of Coral Forest and Sertao were attacked by Chosen Incursions, Thumpers, Death Squads, Sniper Squads, etc. I did my duty in defending New Eden and was rewarded generously with special gifts and many level ups!

I found that Sunken Harbor was my personal gold mine during the event. Sunken Harbor and the surrounding territory are approximately level 20. I began the event at level 14, but ended it at level 20. Six levels in 3-hours, not bad. One of the main reasons I could pull it off was because there were so many people participating. It was a slaughterhouse!

There were many different types of attacks. The most common were Sniper and Death Squads, which included approximately 20 Chosen units deployed at a random map location. The squads would make their way from their spawn location toward one of the towers and attempt to take it over. If they did, that sparked a whole new type of challenge to take the tower back. As you know, when the Chosen control a tower, they send additional drop pods to reinforce the tower.

Another type of attack was the Chosen Incursions. During these attacks, a generator would be placed at some location and the objective was to destroy the generator shields and then the generator itself. This is really a timed event because each shield is only vulnerable after a certain amount of time has passed. Then the entire group does a focus fire on the shield to take it out. During the whole attack, drop pods are dropping left and right. This is really a bloodbath, but a lot of fun! The video below will give you a taste. You can watch the generator drop from the sky, and see Ron Bron take out swarms of Chosen and earn a reward!

Another really cool attack is the Melded Outbreak. During this attack, a melded bubble is placed over one of the towers. The bubble is taken down by energizing and defending cradles which use mini-repulsors to take send deactivate the shield. Of course, the chosen are arriving in drop pods throughout the attack. Once the shield is down, everyone swarms the tower to defeat three Elite Chosen. They are tough, but with so many people, they go down like flies!

If you fight off Chosen Offensives for an hour, you get a reward which includes:

  1. “Defender of Humanity” Title
  2. “Defender of Humanity” Decal – which is an angel looking thing. You can see this on the right forearm of Ron Bron in the feature image of this article.
  3. “Defender of Hunanity” Warpaint – which is a grey base, with red highlights.
  4. 7 days of VIP – Ron Bron scored a VIP glider pad from the VIP access! Sweet!
  5. Chosen Glider Wings – Very awesome re-usable bone looking glider wings which emit a red jet while flying (check out the video below).
  6. Vile Carcass pet – completely worthless and disgusting… but whatever. The Vile Carcass is standing next to Ron Bron in the feature shot.
  7. 7 day Chosen LGV Rental – sweet ride man…