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Streamed Tournament!

    This is the season for fabulous explosions, the famous “Jita Cam” and all of it accesible from your favorite couch! The e-sport tournament “Alliance Tournament” hosted by EVE Onlines CCP...

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EVE Online Hits Major Subscriber Milestone

In a recent study of EVE Online’s subscriber base by market research company DFC Intelligence, EVE Online was found to have the second largest subscriber base in North America and Europe of any MMORPG, trailing World of Warcraft. EVE Online also has the best subscriber retention of any MMO except World of Warcraft, though there is no information on what metric or length of time was used to determine retention. 

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BBC News on BoB

Looks like the BoB scandal has made its way into the BBC. Not the first time the BBC has run an article on EVE Online but it is always exciting to see us mention on the major news carriers. “It’s a finale that has...

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