1999-01-22: A Disease Of Orcs

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Sonoma Edition

A Disease Of Orcs

Author: Reyan Styles Published: January 22, 1999

In the cool damp air of Moonglow last ’eve a green man ran beside me. He looked as normal as anyone else, except his green tinged skin was noticeably different. He had walked to the Moonglow Counselors guild, dismounted from his horse, and sat down. Shortly after, a small group surrounded him. I stood back. watching closely, notepad in hand. The Seer, named Axion, seemed to see an altercation of some sort, and wished his new band of friends to the Yew Tannery. With that, they all vanished.

I took the moongates, and thusly made it just in time. The face that the Seer saw in the altercation was a young man by the name of Sal. With great luck, Sal was the first man we ran into in Yew. Sal, was a tall man, stocky in build, as many people of Yew are. He was young, though his eyes displayed an age that only hardship could create. Sal was overcome with tragedy, and when asked why, we learned that his mentor and master Paralus had passed away. He had been mending a ringmail tunic, and re-tying the leather. Sal said that he came down with a most horrid fever, and that he blamed the green one whom ordered leather from there earlier. With that, he gave the band of fellows a small bundle of leather to give to the Seer, and with that departed.

The group returned to Moonglow, I with them. There was our friendly Seer, speaking with a man upon a horse and a purple fellow of his same robe (perhaps a senior counselor?). I with my notepad tottled into the crowd, and observed, unnoticed. The folks gave him the bundle of the leather, and the Seer analyzed it. They then told him of what the man had said, and how he thought the Seer was somehow involved. The Seer, unbeknownst of any wrong doing himself, then thought a moment. He said that in the Abbey of Yew stayed a man named Zar, or so he had heard. He suggested we go to see him.

Thus, our group left again for Yew, this time the Abbey. We arrived there promptly, in the story just to the northwest of the Ankh. Standing there in one of the rooms was a befuddled old man, looking very tired. The man wore a cream-colored robe, and had receeding hair, grey with age. His eyes were a striking blue, but today he did not seem well. He looked at us through heavy eyes, and asked us what it was we needed. We told him everything we could think of, but he still did not understand what we were stammering about. One of us then spoke up, and said that Paralus was very ill. Zar began to think for a moment, and then said “Without more information I cannay help thee!”, and that was all that we needed. We turned around, sadly, and returned again to Moonglow.

The Seer had been waiting in the guild hall, and as we arrived he looked up. We all began downing the Seer in questions, and the one lone voice told him he needed symptoms. The Seer had no idea of what the symptoms were, and that was when we all decided to go visit Sal again. We left for Sal’s home again, and talked with him for a few moments. He gave us Paralus’s former walking coat, and we took it to the man named Zar.

Zar analyzed the coat, and it most certainty was from the Orcish Fever. He explain that Orcish Fever was a horrible disease, spread by coming in contact with the Desert Orcs. Zar also revealed that he was dying from the disease. He relayed to us the location of the desert orcs, and that the leader was called an “Arrow Slinger” and that she had the potions that would cure him. Zar answered a few more questions, and then asked us to go. He said to stop by the Library in Oasis, and that he was sure we would find information on the potions and orcs there, first. So, we left, post-haste.

When we arrived, there were already two people talking to Lurker and Kralen Pendragon. Lurker being the Librarian of the establishment, and Kralen running the tavern across the street (as well as being one of Lurker’s good friends). They were discussing the illness in full, such as causes and cures. It appears that the potion is a green liquid, resembling that of poison. Kralen concured, and said that if the Orcs were allowed to prUO:Ogress further, that all of Oasis and even as far down as Britain might be in trouble. With great worry, Lurker and Kralen sent us off. I heard that they followed after to help, but I did not see. I hid behind a Orcish Standard after we arrived.

I did, however see towering UO:Ogres aiding the Orc’s, as well as the Lady Arrow Slinger, whom had much to be feared. A huge battle was waged, both between the sides of Human and Orc. The deaths were many, and the Arrow Slinger was the prize. A strong lady she was, too, and was eventually mauled down by three people. I was able to see Damon Blackheart take the potions from the body. I quickly joined back up with the group, wiping the dirt from my pants and note book. We took off towards the Library again, I arriving first. I sat down at the fountain and thought a moment. I saw Damon Blackheart arrive before anyone else, and he went in. I heard a tad bit of commotion, and everyone arrived. I went in with everyone else, watching what went on. Lurker quickly thanked everyone, and asked that the potion be taken to Zar. I had the feeling Lurker was a tad angry, but I knew not why at the time.

I hopped into one of the many gate provided and we arrived in the Abbey. We all proceeded into the old man’s room, waking him from slumber. He was most overjoyed, and quickly quaffed the potions. The potions were a vile concoction, and he required cures to help him stomach the putrid taste of Orcish Brew. He smiled his befuddled smile, and asked around for stories. All were eager to share. Someone mentioned Lurker and Zar asked “Did he make a copy of the ingredients?”.

All of us were a tad taken aback-- No, he hadn’t. Most said that Lurker didn’t even ask, but one small voice piped up “Yes, he did”. The crowd was stunned. Zar shrugged it off without too much worry. He was a happy, and alive, old man. He sent us back to Axion to herald the good news.

Upon arrival in Moonglow, we immediately went to the Counselor’s Guild. Sitting there, was Axion, looking rather peeved. I asked him what was wrong, and he turned and addressed the group. He told us that Lurker had visited, and that he was most dismayed. It seems that the man named Blackheart had kept the potions to himself, not letting him analyze their contents. Axion then went on a spiel of sorts about a difference between defending “Light" and defending "What’s Right". I’m not sure what to think of things, but Axion did say that the guild "Crimsin Hand” would be held accountable should Orcish Fever spread. A most poetic end, to a most violent evening. I am glad to say that Zar is well, as I checked on him this morn’, and all symptoms of the Fever are gone. Thanks be to all those that helped... Let us hope that the Fever does not backlash.

-Reyan Styles, reporter

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