2000-09-18: Strange Appearances Of A Lady In Blue

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Drachenfels Edition

Strange Appearances Of A Lady In Blue

Author: Justus, Moonglow Reporter Published: September 18, 2000

Strange sightings have been made at the cemeteries of Britain and Moonglow on the Trammel facet. Several witnesses have seen a spirit-like appearance of a lady dressed all in blue. Jeremy the gravedigger of Britain told the following:

"I was digging a new grave at the cemetery and the hour was growing very late. I did not mind the darkness so much, as I had my trusty lantern with me. However, quite suddenly, I felt a chilling wind from behind me and my lantern suddenly went dark. And it was then, when I saw her.”

“I turned around to see what was wrong with my lantern, and I saw faint light as a bluish figure walked towards me. She looked like a beautiful woman, and then I realised she was floating lightly on air and her face was cold and pale."

“I froze in horror and could only watch as this silent figure walked past me and vanished. And as soon as she was gone, my lantern began to work again. I swear I had not had a drink that night until after that horrific event."

And Henry the wandering healer reported this incident at Moonglow:

"It was a quiet evening in Moonglow and I was walking about the outer road as is often my habit, when suddenly I saw a strange bluish light coming from the direction of the cemetery. It was quite dark already but I could clearly see a woman dressed in blue walking between the graves. And I tell thee, she was surely no living creature.”

“I watched the silent walk for a few moments when suddenly she was gone. I had never seen anything like this in my life. Aye, there are sometimes zombies and undead creatures at the graveyard, but this was somethingdifferent. She seemed somehow very sad to me or worried, perhaps.”

To get to the bottom of this, our reporter asked a Lycaeum magician about this spirit. The magician wished to remain unnamed because he did not wish his name to become related to studies of the undead. He told the following:

"This spirit you tell me about, if she truly has been seen in many graveyards, suggests a few things. Firstly, she does not seem to be bound to her grave, as she was seen in several places. There is no telling where her grave is. The reason she appears at cemeteries is probably because the presence of dead is strong there, which gives the spirit strength to appear at the night.”

“The spirits usually walk among the living when there is something they wish to warn someone about or relate to them, or perhaps if the person died in a violent way, she might seek revenge. I am sure the mages of Lycaeum will look into this. I would like to ask the good people of Britannia to be careful at the graveyards at night time, for the nature of this spirit is not known. "

As usual we shall report when more is known.

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