2001-02-21: The Return Of Lothair

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Pacific Edition

The Return Of Lothair

Author: Kelrin Abri, Reporter Published: February 21, 2001

The battlefield was covered with the bodies of the fallen. Blood and the smell of death was everywhere. The armies of the Federation and her allies had been victorious this day, or had they? A few days earlier the Federation and her allies were told of this pursuit of Zar’el Darkan by the one whom the Order of Mercaerin branded a traitor, Selrac Ca’rek. With this newfound friend, one of the leaders of the Federation, August West, hoped that a weakness could be found to defeat the Mercaerin. First though, Zar’el had to be stopped from casting the spell and resurrecting his fallen comrade, Lothair Maltus. The Federation went out to the Telescope near Moonglow and thereupon found Selrac awaiting them. With a few quick words Selrac informed the group that he discovered that the ritual was going to take place at the Shrine of Spirituality. With much haste the Federation moved quickly through a mystical gate created by Selrac, just north of the Shrine. Upon arriving though, they knew not what to expect. Venturing slowly forward, the Federation was suddenly assaulted by the Order of Mercaerin and another threat, the Orcs of Kor. Surprised by the ferocity of the orcs, the front lines of the Federation fell. The Mercaerin soldiers soon followed and the battle was on. Though their enemies fought bitterly, a few groups of the Federation broke through and headed towards the Shrine. Meanwhile the sounds of an enchantment were heard above the din, slowly at first and then louder. It was difficult to hear who was chanting but in the distance the form of Zar’el Darkan could be seen upon his horse and the ghostly form of Lothair Maltus floating above the Shrine. A glimmering appeared on each of them and between them, though what it meant was unclear. “Vas An Corp!" Zar’el spoke with a commanding voice and the apparition of Lothair took bodily form. Lothair was alive! No sooner had the spell been finished that Zar’el quickly ordered a few Mercaerin’s to escort Lothair to safety due to Lothair’s weakened state. Upon seeing that Lothair was safe, Zar’el Darkan headed towards the battlefield and was beset by a Federation force. "You are too late," Zar’el stated as he sneered at the group of warriors. "Soon, very soon, Lothair shall again ride and help finish what was started." Upon speaking those words, Zar’el looked towards August West, "Where is the traitor, Selrac?” Before August could respond, the Orks of Kor attacked the party, led by Kog and Brak. Soon nothing was left but the dead or the dying as Zar’el rode across the broken bodies searching for his prey - and find him he did! With a speed born of fury Zar’el rode down upon Selrac and the two engaged in battle. While these two fought, other battles were being waged between the Federation forces and the Mercaerin. Here and there small groups of the Orcs of Kor did what they could to help and help they did in defending Zar’el from numerous Federation attacks. After what seemed like an eternity, Zar’el gave the orders for the Mercaerin and the Orcs of Kor to withdraw from the field, their goal had been accomplished. Gates soon appeared into which the Mercearin retreated with the orcs and the undead were summoned to cover their retreat. The Federation made quick work of these mindless beings and began to help their fallen. Death and destruction were everywhere, but in the end the Federation had chased the Mercaerin off. But did they win? That remains the question. Yes, they were able to defeat and chase off the Mercaerin but they failed to stop the resurrection of Lothair. What will happen now with Lothair again dwelling within the realm? Only time will tell but I am afraid things do not look good.

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