2004-06-22: 国王主催によるロード・ブラックソン追悼式

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国王主催によるロード・ブラックソン追悼式 / Memorial ceremony of Road Blackson hosted by the King

Author: Molly Maguire Published: June 22, 2004

ロード・ブリティッシュ(Lord British)は先頃他界されたロード・ブラックソン(Lord Blackthorn)の追悼式を開催した。彼はかつて王の盟友であった。


ロード・ブラックソンは、レディ・ドーン(Lady Dawn)と、そしてサーペンツホールドとユーの街を相手取って戦いを始めたのちに倒された。彼がエクソダス(Exodus)の名で知られる邪悪な存在の影響を受けてからというもの、数年間続いていたブリタニアに対する彼の攻撃は最高潮に達していた。ロード・ブリティッシュが遠征から引き返して来たのは、ロード・ブラックソンの死がきっかけであるとも言われている。

式にはロード・シャミノ(Lord Shamino)やジョフリー卿(Sir Geoffrey)、宮廷魔道師クレイニン(Clainin)そしてロイヤルガード指揮官のエレイン・ベイフェリー(Elaine Bayfery)といったそうそうたる面々も出席していた。









Lord British held the memorial ceremony of Lord Blackthorn who passed away last time. He used to be a king's ally.

The king invited participants during the throne of Castle Britannia. After a short greetings by Lord British, everyone headed for the outer garden of Blackson castle in Felucca where Lord Blackson's dead was resting.

Lord Blackson was knocked down after fighting against Lady Dawn and the city of Serpent's Hold and You. His attack against Britannia, which had been running for several years since he was influenced by the evil existence known under the name Exodus, has reached a climax. It is said that the road and Blackson's death was the reason that Lord British came back from the expedition.

The ceremony was also attended by such people as Lord Shamino, Lord Shamino, Sir Geoffrey, Courtly Mageist Clainin, and Royal Guard Commander Elaine Bayfery.

Lord British made a speech in a heartfelt speech towards friendship formerly with Lord Blackson. The contents are as follows.

"My allies Lord Blackson is dead. And I mourn him for his death. He was haunted by a huge evil and lost his life. Although we have often been discordant, my heart is sore in his downfall. "

The King also talked about experiences of unexpected events in the expedition, the life and death of Lord Blackson, and the situation of Britannia's country.

"There is a perfect replica of Sosaria in each piece of immortal treasure, our percolation is present in each Sosaria, and separate Lord British govern different Britannia It is. I compiled these sorceries into one and thought that I could remove the power of the evil that afflicts us by doing so. "

"But I am trying to abandon the attempt to make those worlds one. My other alter ego was consistent with me in all the decisions, we were originally one. Right now and the future there is only one Lord British. But all the people can continue to live as individuals if they wish. In honor of this world and the people living there, my friend who passed away, I will not bear the idea of ​​my own order against Sosaria from now on. "

And Lord British felt some magical artifacts hidden just before Lord Blackson's coffin was sealed. And according to the rumor it is a piece of immortal gem. The representative of the council has not confirmed this fact yet, but has not denied it.

Lord British left shortly after his speech that he wanted to be alone in the mourning of his allies. After that, the main members who were present were also left behind and returned to Trammel's Castle / Britannia.

All Britannian citizens were encouraged to pay tribute to the late Lord Blackson. His dead was settled in the outdoor mausoleum just outside Blacksung Castle in the north of Felucca's Britain's counselor guild.

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