Why After School is the Best Time to Play ESO

Why is After School is the Best Time to Play ESO?

‘Cause the kids are online. No monster boss or champion can withstand the onslaught of youthful mayhem.
Getting your jack kicked by an adversary? Go back after 3:PM EST when schools are out and the kids have logged on.
Watching from a safe distance until others show up is prudent because some monstrous NPCs are made to be taken down only by a platoon of adolescents. The alternative is to return after you are at a higher level, but that diminishes your gains.
‘Tis better to share the glory than die alone.

ESO Console Games Delayed

ESO Consoles2

ESO just notified their fans that the console games (XBoxOne/PS4) will be delayed at least 6 months. ESO will be working on the console versions but are citing difficulties integrating the game from PC/Mac to console. It is difficult to take the game to console, especially 2 different consoles. The issues are unique to the console games, and will not affect players using the PC/Mac platform.

The June release date is no longer feasible and they have an added an estimated 6 months on to the release timeline. To try and make it up to the console gamers, they have come up with an alternative special offer. Anyone who purchaes the PC/Mac game by the end of June, will have the opportunity to transfer their characters to either console game upon their release. Console gamers can then start playing immediately and not have to wait until the console version is released. Eligible gamers that purchase the PC/Mac version by the end if June, will be able to purchase a digital version of ESO on either console for $20, transfer their characters, and get another $30 of game time.

ESO will continue to work hard on integrating ESO on the console games. They will keep players updated with the console progress, special offer dates, and character transfers. ESO is taking a great leap in customer care by not releasing a buggy version of the console game just to get them into the stores by their original projected time frame of June. Thumbs up to ESO!

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Elder Scroll Online’s new feature: BATTLEMASTER’S CORNER

battlemaster shadowknight1

Elder Scrolls Online recently took a poll of the players favorite builds to use in a new recurring series. This series is meant to highlight or explain some of the more popular or interesting builds that players have come up with. When they choose a build, they post it from the perspective of the player who submitted. I think this is a great feature because you get to find out how that person uses their build. The player also explains the gear and skills/abilities that they use and why, which makes it easier for others to decide if they want to try out the build.

First in line is The Shadow Knight, which was posted and named by ESO player Kraive Moar. He plays a Nightblade tank but also lists a secondary set up for DPS when his tanking skills are not needed. It is a very detailed build and very easy to follow. I hope that future builds in this ongoing series are as well written and explained as this one.

If you would like to submit your build, contact community@elderscrollsonline.com, with the skills that you use and a description of the build!

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Welcome to the Trials!

ESO Trials

ESO is taking Raid and Dungeons to the next level. They have come up with something more challenging, exciting, and dangerous than Raids and Dungeons put together. ESO has introduced the Trials. Trials are designed to test a 12 person group and take them to the edge. Just when you think your group cannot take another hit, they come at you again.

The trials have been extensively tested by ESO’s own Quality Assurance Team. The group was experienced with difficult content and had a passion to tackle it. ESO has adjusted the Trials based on the feedback of the group. The team also mastered the mechanics of the trials making it possible to set the parameters of the encounters.

The Trials go beyond the normal needs of a raid group. Typically in a ten man raid, you would need 1 – 2 tanks, 1 – 2 healers, and the remaining 6 would be pure DPS. The raid group sticks together though they might split up a slight amount to separate MOBS or Bosses. During the trials, the entire group may be needed to put out a ton of DPS while at other times, the entire group may need to heal. The group may need to split up into smaller groups to accomplish 2 or more objectives at the same time.

They are also introducing a MOB called a Bannerman. Each Bannerman has a different power that can easily destabilize a poorly prepared group. A group may also find themselves to be attacked by more than one Bannerman and the group will have to quickly decide which one needs to be taken out first.

The Trials will not have a lockout time, so groups can complete them multiple times and can still earn the best loot. They do throw a curveball at you though, a group only has so many resurrections before the Trial will have to be abandoned and then started over. When groups first tackle the Trials, there is hours of content to be explored and experienced but the Trials are designed to be finished in 60-90 minutes by experienced groups.

ESO has brought something new to the game which may affect how other games introduce new high end content. The Trials definitely brings unique content to ESO which may help attract new players to the game. The Trials are not for the faint of heart. Are you brave enough?

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It’s time to Patch & Play!

Players who pre-order Elder Scrolls Online can now play the live game!

Pre-order at: http://elderscrollsonline.com

See you in game!


OKAY, I admit it. I preordered the Imperial Edition just so I could hit the “H” key in game and whistle up a horse! That makes a white stallion appear and I automatically mount it. Dismounting is even easier – just hit the “H” key again and the stallion vanishes. It’s fast and convenient.

Of course, horses can be purchased at ingame stables for a very hefty fee. But I want my horse now, not after I have 15,000 plus gold to spend on something besides armor & weapons.

Feeding the horse levels it up in bag space, speed or stamina. Leveled horses can have different attributes such as saddle bags & armor.

It’s the only way to travel :)

Pre-order & Pre-Play!
5 Days Early Access still available.



Most games are fun to play until next year’s game comes out. You can travel to exotic places, meet strange creatures, kill them, gather marvelous treasures, weapons & armor and max out your skills along the way. Then, if you wish, you can do all that all over again. Or, you can try a new game.

ESO is an exciting game to play. Even in  BETA, the vast, breathtaking world calls to the explorer in every gamer. The NPC communities are intriguingly realistic thanks to their complex relationships and five-star voice acting. Alliance warfare challenges and rewards PvPers. Crafting is habit forming and of great use. Monsters geared to the player’s level are readily available and quests reward the player with higher levels, new skills and better equipment. Multiple chat capabilities allow the player to customize their own chat. ESO is the best MMO I have played to date and will easily be rated the best of 2014.

But, is it a home game? Will a player ever be able to build a home where they can express their individuality and while away the time ? Can we ever form player communities of friends and family? ESO continues to say the game, “…will not launch with player housing available.” ( https://help.elderscrollsonline.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1295/kw/player%20housing )which leaves open the possibility. But it can’t be your home game if y’can’t build a house there. We all like to hang loose sometimes and there’s no place for relaxing like your own home.

For now, it is easy to predict that Elder Scrolls Online will be the Game of the Year for 2014. Don’t deny yourself the adventure. Buy the game!
Make friends there and hopefully, we’ll see each other in-game next year and the next year & the next ….

How to Reset Skills / Attributes


Resetting Skills in ESO couldn’t be more simple! There are 3 Shrines in every Alliance. One Shrine is for the Rings of Mara which lets you bind yourself to another player ot earn more exp while grouping. Another is a Shrine to Reset Attributes which is you stamina magic and Health and last one is for Skills. Each skill cost 100g to reset. For example if you have 10 skills to reset, it will cost you 1000g as 100×10=1000.

This change was implemented in the last 0.018 patch and will be available this beta weekend for all players.

Here is a video we made that explanes and shows ALL Locations.


This Friday, with the Press being allowed to stream Elder Scrolls Online footage, Chris and Dan from spartanjesters take streaming to the next level with a 24 hour non-stop stream!

With this they also have a FULL copy of ESO to give out, as well as some swag and beta keys in case you missed your chance to get one! Be sure to check Stratics on Twitch on Friday to be entered.

Full video here explaining more!