By Al-Maroc

From the dev blog comes the following:

I present you with an updated collection of data from eve. The data is mixed excel/csv data, all datafiles have an extra line as a header, defining the columnname. Most of the images come in four flavours, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256. The icons from our own itemdatabase come in two more colours, next to black, grey and white. .

  • data
    • data_misc.rar contains eve-universe info, type info, agent info and more details about stations in particular. Also contains the info of which icons to link to which itemtype.
    • data_buildingblocks.rar contains everything you need for your manufacturing needs, fitting requirements, static data like “armor resistance” and many other things. This following list explains what the activityID is for the materialsForActivity.csv file, do not ask for what duplicating and reverse engeneering are currently NOT ingame. 🙂
      • activityNone = 0
      • activityManufacturing = 1
      • activityResearchingTechnology = 2
      • activityResearchingTimeProductivity = 3
      • activityResearchingMaterialProductivity = 4
      • activityCopying = 5
      • activityDuplicating = 6
      • activityReverseEngineering = 7
  • images
    • img_corporation_logos contains all the NPC corporation logos, no player corp logos, sorry.
    • img_alliance_logos contains all the alliance logos, you will need to manually link these as they are hardcoded in the game atm.
    • img_faction_logos.rar contains all the Faction logos, pretty straightforward.
    • data_map.rar contains all the images from the universe map, constellations, solarsystems and regions, sorry about the confusion about this earlier.
    • img_blueprinttypes.rar contain all the types, including ships, drones, deployables, … with a blue overlay.
    • img_dronetypes.rar
    • img_structuretypes.rar contains the images for items like the crielere ring-o-fire™ and POS-related imagery.
    • img_shiptypes.rar contains the rendered images for all the shiptypes
    • img_stations.rar contains the rendered images for all the stations, how to link these images to the correlating stations, can be found in the data files.
    • img_icons_black.rar is the black variant of the icon collection. This file contains the same images as grey and white, data to link these icons to the module/charge types can be found in the data files.
    • img_icons_grey.rar
    • img_icons_white.rar
    • img_ships.rar contains an old, not updated repository of the vintage “wireframe” shiptypes from our very first itemdatabase.

The page with the downloads can also be accessed here, so bookmark it if you want to be kept up to date whenever I update the files. (note: the files will feature the “new/updated” notation for a week)