On april 13th we saw an unprecendented attendance of major wormhole corporations in an effort to kick out the known null-sec alliance Against All Authorities from any and all encountered wormhole systems in an effort to prevent -A- from getting a foothold.


If you are wondering why all of this is happening, we asked ourselves the same question. We also approached AAA to get their view on the events that had taken place, so we reached out to herculetz as per their official diplomacy policy and was rightfully referred to Mulasoldats, their WH entreprenour.

AAA has 1 corp that participates in WH activities.

The Dark Tribe

You can contact their CEO Mulasoldats
Mula is authorized to speak on behalf of AAA when
it relates to WH activity.

Unfortunately Mulasoldats has not replied to our mail, so we’ll have to roll the story without their perspective.


AAA.WH From: MulaSoldats Sent: 2012.04.07 06:47 To: Against ALL Authorities, Kevis Gorbaf, Lahari,

We are setting up Invasion. AAA.WH will be the intel channel for all WH OPS. Operators will provide initial intel and Capital placement. AAA will be responsible for the hammer.

Second, Cash Reward for WH’s

C267 – Every single system must be found we have the first!

Find ’em, Invade them, Break the game.

Every invasion is one step closer to a new world order of WH’s AAA will control.



Since it may not be apparent (layer 3 stuff and all that jazz) what is being hinted at is that control of WH systems offer an opportunity to farm indefinately. C267 refers to Constallation C00267 in Region E-R00027 which is a cluster of 6 Class 5 wormhole systems. They all have a static exit to a Class 3.

This did not go well with the WH population, who in return showed them the door.

-A- has made their presence known in from the beginning of april in the following wormhole systems:

  • J114041
  • J151300
  • J115418 >> C267
  • J113223
  • J124538

While having lost Structures in the following wormhole systems (that we know about):

  • J172937 >> C267
  • J115418 >> C267
  • J103116
  • J103724

By the looks of things, the continued eviction from wormhole corporations is bound to continue with no sign of any deviation from the previous recipy; “Find them; Burn them”.

This due to the obvious ‘printing press’ for ISK that they wanted to exploit (in the non-exploitive way of the word). They set up POS stations for T3 production, brought in blueprints and as hinted in previous news article, it would be obvious to WH-dwellers that they intended to use J115418 for the initial farming.

Whats so special about C267? It is one of the only constellations with no variables and C3 statics, so any system in the constallation can be used for system control on the same basis as any other one and none of them pose an immediate danger from invasion from null-sec, low-sec or high-sec space. If one falls, you can still establish yourself in any of the other ones and continue farming and you can do so fairly safely. At the same time, C3 systems offer farms that are easy to use for small gangs, so even if they don’t have enough people to run Escalations (worth a few billion in a C5) you can still farm fairly effectively in a C3 with just a few ships.

The question I wanted to ask Mulasoldats would be, “does this mean youre back at square one or do you still have scanning alts in the siege systems – and what are the plans moving forward”?

Since the invasion of a WH system is exceedingly hard due to mass restrictions (you can’t just blop in an entire fleet), Wormhole control (dominating the entries) becomes essential. Once control has been established, an invasion force can effectively be locked out (or let in).

As far as the eviction in J103116 goes, it was mostly uneventful ranging from the regular blueballing picket duty to the “I accidentally my Capital” once the fleet had established control.

One things that strikes me as odd though, is that if “sig bouncing” is allready known surely it would already be utilized as an ISK printing press. If that is the case, we would be talking about a currently existing WH corp doing that. Would it not just seem like a protectionistic attitude, to disallow others from doing the same thing youre already doing yourself to maximize ISK gain and ‘win’ at EVE?

Wouldn’t that be an attempt at the very nullsec warfare youre trying to prevent from happening in WH space (not looking at fleet warfare), just on a smaller scale?

And, isn’t that perfectly alright since this is EVE?

It would seem that while the crowd control was more successfull for a coalition of WH corporations, it ended up being the cause of their defeat in WH Space for the nullsec alliance. Likely unintentional, but nonetheless that was the result.

1% people exist anywhere, even in WH Space 😉