Tackling in EVE Online is a role that starts with a webber or warp disruptor and ends with a Heavy Interdictor Cruiser, a specialized ship used to tackle the largest of the ships in EVE.

What you’ll learn here is the core principle of winning a fight.


How to Win

Winning a fight starts with having a good fit, but even more important is to disallow your enemy to escape. In fact I’d postulate that you can not get a kill, if the enemy is not on field. The cornerstone of killing, is tackling your target.

Ok, so how do I make the enemy not leave the field?

There are several tackling modules you can fit. Their successfulness depends on alot of different factors, some factors being outside your control. Common to everthing tackly is training “Propulsion Jamming I” though.

  1. Warp Disruptors will decrease the escapability of the targeted enemy ship, preventing the player from warping off into the sunset.
  2. Warp Scrammers will decrease the escapability of the targeted enemy ship, preventing the player from warping off  but also prevents the use of Micro Warp Drives.
  3. Stasis Webifiers will reduce the max velocity of the targeted enemy ship, slowing it down.
  4. Warp Disruption Fields (Deployable and Anchorable Bubbles) completely prevents warp within the sphere (5-40km), while not affecting Micro Warp Drives.
  5. Warp Disruptor Probes (Interdictors) completely prevents warp within the sphere (20km), while not affecting the use of Micro Warp Drives.
  6. Warp Disruptor Field Generators (Heavy Interdictors) completely prevents warp within the sphere projected by the ship (16-20km), but does allow Micro Warp Drives to function. Used with a Focused Warp Disruption Script the nature of the module becomes infinite warp disruptor points to the targeted ship – used for tackling capital ships, but also affects Afterburner and Micro Warp Drive modules by a factor of -100% while increasing the range of the module to 24-30km.


Factors, and non-factors

We’re essentially dealing with 2 factors when referring to tackling.

  1. Velocity control
    The Stasis Webifier modules are crucial to holding down a target so it can’t move around the field too much. If youre wanting to prevent an enemy to re-approach a gate and jumping through, you’ll absolutely need it. You’ll also need it to counter ships that are “nano-fit”. If they can move fast enough to get out of your warp disruptor range, they will effectively counter the module effect and be able to escape.
    For PVE purposes, it also finds its use in pinning down NPCs so they become easier to hit by larger guns. This principle starts with missioning and follows through all the way up to Incursions and Escalated Sleeper sites in Wormholes.
  2. Warp Engine control
    The engine that allows your ship to enter warp; moving it from one point in a star system to another one is the one referred to here. The modules that counter it are all listed above. Its a point based system, which starts with a Warp Disruptor I and ends with the infini point.
    This is why warp using a module on an enemy ship is often referred to as “being pointed” or “pointing” a ship. You’ll often hear “Point” being called during fleet battles.
    For PVE purposes, only the Scram finds its use to shut down NPCs that use Micro Warp Drives and only during higher tier encounters such as Incursions.

Non-factors are in the form of modules that are inappropriate to the situation at hand. Such as using a web on a stationary capital ship (rather than a point), or a  a fast moving logistical ship, or pointing a ship that is already pointed by at least 3 other ships. You’ll have to apply common sense yourself.

The Holy Trinity of tackle, refers to the use of a prop module (1), a web (2) and a point (3).


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