TGN and Stratics will be participating in the Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon. While the rest of them will be going on October 18th, and they’ll be playing World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, I will not be joining them in that. There’s two reasons. First, I have to work October 18th and 19th. Second, I can’t stand WoW and GW2. They’re good games for sure, but not my thing. WAR Stratics as always been somewhat independent anyway.

Besides, what the rest of them are doing is a race to level cap. Oh wow, boring PvE carebear crap. Forget that! I’m going to WAR for them kids. Starting a 7 PM Eastern on October 20th, I’ll be embracing the wrath for 24 hours in Wrath of Heroes. (I work nights getting off work that day at 9:30 AM, so I’m going to get some sleep before I start this.) The whole thing will be streamed on my twitch channel.

I’m playing for the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. So join me in wrathing it up for them kids!

You can donate here.

And yeah, I just left the default information on the donate page for now. It’s good enough. I can edit it later.