This weekend saw the coming together of several renown wormhole corporations, in an action that took place far away from the eyes of miners, mission runners and null-sec carebears.

This is the story of the big NATWO vs W-arsaw Bob sacrifice bordering 100 billion ISK (equivalent of +2,500 USD).

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NATWO consisting of

  • Hard Knocks
  • Verge of Collapse
  • Kill it with Fire
  • Social Sleeper Club

W-arsaw consisting of:

  • Nor Corp
  • Aperture harmonics
  • W-space
  • No Holes Barred
¬†[youtube id=”ikzeEz7TyKg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Logistical challenges

This system has a H296 static which puts some limits on how many ships you can insert on the fly. C5 wormhole space with a ¬†static connection to another C5 wormhole system means there will always be an exit to Kspace. Sometimes its a few systems out, but sometimes not. On the other hand, scanning each system takes time so insertion isn’t just a matter of getting all your caps in a congo-line and push a button.

That is why Tech 3 ships are the preferred choice in wormhole space. They come with less mass, more versatility and more tank than any other ships their size and for each H296 you can insert +100.

Hole control

Insertions is all about hole control and disallowing your opponents to travel through the entrances – either to escape or bring reinforcements. So you lock down what you can from the inside, and then kill all the things. If you cant, the hole control allows you to bring reinforcements while denying the opponent the same luxury.


Eviction vs Escalation

Contrary to null-security territorial control, there is no point other than gain ISK in evicting large and renown entities if you want to make sure that wormhole encounters do contain an element of pvp. Yes, you can get alot of ISK through PVE, but its far from the only activity that would be considered fun. PVE corps regularly get evicted due to target denial, ultimately leading to loss of their own assets. Irony?

Wormhole entities regularly roll into eachother and provide eachother with great opportunities to fight eachother in small skirmishes or larger engagements. These oportunities do not regularly escalate, but it can be enforced through a “fake eviction”. It takes time, but can be worth it to get the fight you are really looking for. Escalation through hole control and threat of eviction.

Basically you have a backup-fleet and you want the victims to ring their bat-phone and call in reinforcements.


What happened?

Sources indicate that W-space sieged Hard Knocks home system due to offensive google translation and put their towers into re-inforced mode, giving them a cooldown period where they called for reinforcements for a last stand battle.

During that time, the pinged parties started chain rolling for the sieged system, gained hole control and poored in to even out the odds. Even then though, it looked like the defense fleet had quite an advantage.


End result was that the invasion force was eliminated.



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