splashScreen_kickstarterThe Shroud of the  Avatar Kickstarter campaign is about to reach $1.1million, the first stretch goal and now has almost 16,000 backers however there has been some division in the community. Many are uncertain what exactly the game is supposed to be and whether it has a place in the games market.

PCGamer recently featured a controversial interview with Richard Garriott entitled, “Richard Garriott on why “most game designers really just suck

This caused quite a stir in the industry and certainly got a lot of people talking about Richard Garriot’s “spirtual successor to Ultima.” In fact it caused such a stir that shortly after publication of the article a rebuttal letter was posted on the Portalarium Website, “Words Taken Out of Context“.

  • Do you believe SotA heralds a new era for PC gaming and sets the bar high for modern games designers or is the vision flawed?
  • Do you agree with Richard Garriott’s views or strongly oppose them?
  • Are you counting down the days to take part in the Alpha test or are you simply disinterested?

We would love to hear your views on Shroud of the Avatar and the grand vision of “Lord British”, former king of Sosaria, and the newly proclaimed king of a land known only as “New Brittania”.