Vigorous Training for Epic Duel

A push for fundraising stretch goals has spurred the community – especially since the rewards of this particular goal is a “puffy-shirt duel to the death” between Lord British and Darkstarr! Odds are in favor of the Lord British, for many know of his field prowess and experience with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) as well as having formal fencing training in the past. We caught a bit of his training online…

Not to be outdone, Darkstarr also engaged in special training for this event…

The challenge for this historical duel is to reach $3.25mil in pledges. To further tantalize the challenge, reaching that goal by February 20th, the scheduled 3rd Pre-Alpha Release, the duelists would release their training montage (see videos). And to top it all off, if $3.3mil is pledged – well, the loser will jump in a local lake! As of this writing on February 19th, there is a total of $3,267,427.00 [USD] in the kitty. Only $33k left to go for some early spring swimming!

Visit Shroud of the Avatar’s website and submit your pledge today!

And for those that have pledged, but not linked your Kickstarter Account to your SotA account – please do so before April 7th to receive your Founder’s Credit – there are just over 6k unlinked Kickstarter accounts!

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