Before we even start, understand this whole concept is based on pure speculation and should be treated as such. Let’s agree to have some fun with a topic that does have some merit, and take everything for face value, especially as at the time of writing this WoD is only in Alpha.

Next order of business is understanding the topic of which we are about to discuss. If you aren’t aware of what this concept actually is, the best option would be to check out these videos:
Discussion Video.
Example / “In Action” Video.

What you will see in these videos is this concept already in the video game, from quite some time ago. Long story short: this feature would allow you to enter or queue for dungeons meant for much lower level, and have scaling technology present to make them relevant.

To expand on this, this can be a feature utilized in a few ways:

1. Can be used to queue with leveling friends and help them complete dungeons etc.
2. Can be used to implement further challenges such as “Challenge Modes” into older content, giving time based rewards or otherwise.
3. Can be used to allow players to perform Raids from past expansions with an adequate challenge.

These are three of the biggest thoughts that are provoked with this topic, and there are likely far more. We will stick to these though, as I am most sure of their function.
So, now let’s discuss why this is being brought up now, and what supporting evidence I have to make me confident of this feature.

The first thing we should recognize is that this is already in the video game. We know this after examining the videos linked earlier, and despite the feature having been patched up and no longer accessible, the technology remains.
The next major thing that makes me believe this is a very real possibility is the way the topic was answered at Blizzcon. I unfortunately can not find a direct quote, but it was brought up in the Q/A, and Ion sheepishly dodged the question, saying something around the sound of “this won’t be a main feature at launch, but we already have the technology.” This reminds me a lot of LFD and LFR, both added in different expansions, but clearly connected. In Wrath of the Lich King LFD was introduced and there were ways to use the features to enter raids in the PTR cycle testing it. At the time, their answer was to say it wasn’t ready yet, and when brought up during the Blizzcon for Cataclysm, the same sort of sheepish response was elicited. Yet, by the final patch of Cataclysm we indeed had LFR! It is because of this, I expect the same for this feature. Challenge modes were step one, and its no stretch to think about scaling levels instead of gear. Its even more rooted in fact this time, as we have actual footage of it in action!

The third thing that points to this feature being a reality is some of the Datamined information we saw this weekend. Reference the images below if you please:

Example 1 Example 2Example 3

Now, of course these can mean anything, and certainly don’t prove my point. As I said, this is all fun speculation, but when you examine those three things together its hard not to have the imagination moving. The first one is listed under “New Areas,” the second is listed under “Queue,” and the third one is listed as a new scenario or dungeon. I don’t see the reason to bring RFK back as a scenario especially if we are keeping the Quilboar as the major components of it, so I’m sticking with this as some form of test instance for this feature. Once again, I am betting on seeing this half way, or at the end of the expansion, not at the start, so in my mind it makes sense to see isolated dungeons tested as early as Alpha.

Another source of speculation towards this topic is the concept of there being scenarios available while leveling. This was brought up, and buried in the massive information pile, so I have no conclusive images to depict, but it was something also discussed at Blizzcon so its fairly likely this will be the case. If so, then its not unlikely that they will allow ways to continue to queue for or enter these at max level, and may even implement the functionality there.

Either way, its been fun to imagine. I can’t see a way this feature doesn’t eventually enter the game, so I will stick by my guns and shoot for soon after launch. It won’t be present at launch, otherwise it would already be announced but I can easily foresee a 6.2 patch containing this, or something along those lines. I, for one, would really love to be able to queue up on my main level 100 paladin to help players leveling complete their dungeon. I would love even more if they made it a challenge in some way, but that’s an entirely different topic.

What do you guys think. Feasible? Likely? Never going to happen? We may find out shortly! Stay tuned for more WoD coverage from the whole Stratics team!