Hello Summoners!

As of 5 day ago patch 4.11 was released with some improvements towards the junglers. What Riot had noticed was that many junglers were being placed on the side of  more pressured damage, like Pantheon, Udyr, Lee Sin, etc. What they have finally realized was that they didn’t need to just buff the tank, but also make a strong item path for utilityjunglers. With that information gathered Riot has released Quil Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem to help build tanky utility focused junglers.

Riot also has modified other areas:

Bounty Rewards

For early kill’s it used to be only 60% of the value but has  changed now to 75% and after 4 minutes 100%. Then  1st Blood it will not be affected by the time going from 280g to 325g. With Bounty’s they have gone down from 20% (Personal) to 16.5% gold per kill, and whenplayers are killed they  will be maxed out with 5 kills rather than 4 kills and be worth 500g.


For turrets you might want too be more protective when being hit because Riot have increased the damage from 20% to 37.5% damage per hit. Turrets also have been modified to pick their targets a bit faster.

Champions (popular)

 Braum- His passive damage will be decreased from a 70+10 every level to 50+12 every level and the debuff time will be down from 5 to 4

 Jax-Jax health will go from 561 to 535, his health increase has also gone down from 98 to 85. Not to mention his Armour per level will be from 3.5 to 3.0

 Nidalee- For her Riot decided to make her more OP with a starting health of 390 when it was originally 370, also with an armour increase from 17 from its original 15. Her Javelin toss also went from a 30 yd distance to 40. Bushwhackalso increased to 13/12/11/10/9 seconds with a damage increase of 10/12/14/16/18% of the targets health. Pounce has also got an increase of a 750 range. Primal surge has been decreased to 60/75/90/105/120 mana.

 Yasuo- Sweeping Blade went from 100% bonus damage at 4 stacks to 50% at 2.

 Zac- Unstable matter has a cool down of 1 second when you pick up the chunks and when Zac hits a monster with unstable matter he is able to go through the monster to pick up the chunks, and he has a 5 second cool down and not 4 second.

 Ziggs- In general his speed is now 225 and his bouncing Bomb radius is 150 from 180.

Jungler Items

 Hunter’s Machete has been increased from its original gold price of 300 to 325. The Machete also has been given a 10% attack damage on monsters, but Maim and Butcher has been removed as a passive.

 Quill Coat is the newest item put in the game. The new item gives you +20 armor, and also comes with a passive called Sapping Barb ( Attacking monster lose 5% of their maximum health over 3 seconds). Who ever is wearing it will also get +40 health regeneration per 5 seconds and a +30 mana regent. To start building the coat you will want to go Hunter Machete>Cloth Armor+75 Gold, or buy it for 700g.

 Spirit of the Ancient Golem had 2 Passives removed: Tenacity and Butcher, But in return has been given Sapping Barb. The difference between the Quill Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem’s Sapping Barb is SAG gains +60 health and +45 mana. There is also a new recipe for this item: Quil Coat> Kindle Gem and 450g. With the Quill Coat SAG has been modified to have +20 armor.

 Spirit Stone had only one change in the price going from 40g > 15g for the combination.

 Madred’s Razors have a gold increase of 750g > 775g

 Wriggle’s Lantern  has a gold decrease for the total build: 240g > 215g

I hope you enjoyed the look at the new path release 4.11! Tell me what you think of Nidalee and all that increased.

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