Alright, everyone it’s time we sit down and have a chat. Before I say anything, let me express my love for this game, the people who play it, and its creators. I cannot say enough how blessed it has been not only meeting people who are also passionate inside the game, but also people through Youtube, and various other forms of media such as Stratics!

In fact, it is because of this that we have to have this talk. It is because I care so much about the game and its community that I can NOT sit here any longer and just watch this happen.

Every day I read more and more of it as well. Constantly I find my self looking at threads with 400+ responses about the game being “too easy” or “LFR killing WoW,” then when they bring out flex and push more people towards it you get the exact opposite. Is this real, or am I dreaming it all up? Is it possible that this many human beings, who are actually paying money to play World of Warcraft can be this clueless about things?

I suppose a learned man like myself should realize it’s a microcosm of the world. I imagine this is what politicians see every minute of their careers. Just droves of people complaining about things they clearly have never actually come in contact with, or arguing about policy they haven’t even read. Perhaps the issue with both situations is the media.

The media portrays all these things in glossy textures, and never really explains the meaning unless it benefits them. I’d imagine this certainly to be the case in the real world examples, but probably the unifying culprit for the video game world as well. Especially with large monopolistic sites, this shouldn’t be surprising.

Regardless, with all that said, its time we take a look at a few recent tweets that have actually received replies from people who work at Blizzard, especially our buddy the Perisian Torpedo Ion Hazzikostas. I would say that it’s pretty ridiculous to even reply to people this out of touch, but I suppose it’s his responsibility, so I’ll leave that one out of this.

What I will do is go though each of these, and omit the replies from Ion, and insert my own reply and reasons why this worth discussing. Once again, I apologize if anyone is offended by this. I know its opinionated and even belligerent of me, but it’s important for these people to realize they are wasting time and obviously do not understand what they are even asking about. Its likely none of them will ever see it, but it’s the best chance I have to clear my head on the topic.

I find it hard to get flex grps. Get 1 maybe every 2 weeks or so. Flex matching is bad. LFR is only reliable raid [Source]
My Opinion: What is this person even talking about. I can fill a flex group in less than 10 minutes. Literally the only thing that ever takes some time is finding two tanks, but to say it takes TWO WEEKS!? I must be missing something. Are they insinuating that they only ever see groups in trade ask for one every two weeks? Are they saying that their gear is so bad that its very rare anyone ever takes them? No clue, it’s just absolutely baffling to me.

What I would respond, if I were Ion: Perhaps you have missed our in-game raid finder feature added a few months back. By pressing O (the default keybind for Social Tab) and navigating to the Raid Tab, you can find the “Other Raids” section, which allows you to find any players interested in Flex, among other things. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, even at off peak, as its all cross battlegroup. If you are having trouble finding groups, put your own together!

the problem is, if you give exclusionary tools to the players many don’t even get a chance to even try. [Source]
My Opinion: If they don’t try then they are morons and have no right to complain. If this is the stance you take in life, just quit now. You will never get anywhere with that attitude, in game or otherwise. Imagine this situation in real life? Imagine if only those that fit the supreme niche could play sports, even at a low level. Do people actually say “Well if you aren’t 6’8 don’t even bother playing basketball.”
Like what? If you quit that easily just because you don’t think you meet the requirements of something, then this is the wrong game for you!


# you noob bro?

What I would respond, if I were Ion: Actual problem is we did not “give” anyone any tools! This is how the game always has been, and unfortunately, there is no sound action that can be taken. I encourage you, and everyone else, to look past those players with unreal expectations. However, if you do not actually find yourself prepared for the difficulty you are trying to complete, then take the initiative! Only you can fix this issue!

What are you doing to prevent players from having silly reqs like today 560+ to do normal SoO. [Source]
My Opinion: This is my favorite comment in the world and makes me laugh every single time I see it. I saw one even funnier where the person said 540 for normal SoO, but at least 560 makes some type of sense. Regardless, it cracks me up. The answer to this question should be “NOTHING” in all caps. First of all, 560 for Normal SoO is completely logical for me. Our guild was at least 560 if not closer to 565 when we first started Heroics, so if the group leader is looking to go deep, this is completely acceptable. Especially when you consider the fact that there is a 608 Legendary cloak that everyone should have, Normal SoO non-warforged 2x up is 561, and that there are warforged pieces from Ordos, what really is the point here? More so, if you are just close enough, no one is going to turn you down. This isn’t a friggin hard cap here people. It’s just a recommendation. These item levels are set so they know the people coming have experience here. If you have no experience, start your own group or find one that is more in tune with your skill set. Don’t expect blizzard to fix this.

My Response: Unfortunately, we don’t have any authority to prevent players from this type of action. It’s the same as someone selling a used car for 1 million dollars. If they want to, they have every right. It’s up to you, however, to realize this is a farce and find a group more in line with your skill set. I understand why you think it’s something we would take action on, but its just a product of the social development of the community. Having trouble starting a group? Make your own using the new group finder tool with 6.0!

Personal loot brought a breath of fresh air and new life to pug raids, I feel making it optional will hurt more than help. [Source]
My Opinion: I can see the logic, but the person is missing a HUGE part of the puzzle. I am hoping that they don’t realize that this loot system will transfer into difficulties that are important for progression as well, making this an absolute necessity. I understand why it might suck for Flex, due to ninjas and whatnot, but it’s simply not discussable. You cannot do what they are suggesting and force raiding guilds to suffer through it.

My Response: We hear you, but since personal loot and flexible difficulties go all the way through Heroic, we don’t have many options. There have always been greedy players, and while personal loot has deterred this, it’s not something that can ever be eradicated entirely. If you want to avoid it, be sure to run with reputable players and don’t stand for them going against their word. It’s on the community to make sure this runs smoothly!

To commit full time to raiding just because yall want to listen to the forum neckbeards will be terrible. [Source]
My Opinion: Then don’t dumbass. What is this person even talking about? Who is being listened to that something has changed for this comment to even be made? Is this person actually saying that the removal of tier items from LFR is FORCING them to commit to a raiding schedule? It is utterly unreal how confused some people are. NOTHING IS CHANGING IN LFR. YOU JUST NO LONGER GET SET BONUSES. WHO CARES? Is that clear enough for you?
Ion responds saying that they will make the difficulties easier to access with the new dungeon finder, and then they go on to respond:
That simply is wrong. Even with flex, you need a core group and a schedule.
My Opinion: This person has gone from dumb to braindead in my book. I don’t know what’s worse: this person, or the one who said it takes 2 weeks to find a flex group. Let’s do this. Raise your hand if you do flex weekly with a set group. If you do, I will give you 5 dollars. Contact me to claim your prize, and link your armory as proof. Didn’t think so.
Flex is for pugging. Nothing about it is scheduled, and nothing about it requires a core group. It can be done around the clock, doesn’t even have a lockout, and has been fully cross-realm enabled since day one. Stay clueless.

My Response: I’m sorry you feel that way, but I have to insist that it is you who are wrong! Flex’s difficulty is tuned so any players can complete it with the proper experience. More so, it is fully cross-realm enabled, and has no lock out, so there is no down side to pugging what so ever. If you are having trouble finding groups, I suggest using the current raid browser in the social tab. Look forward to 6.0, which will make this even easier to organize!

why will PuGing thru this tool be better than LFR? Harder content exacerbates issues with PUGing, doesn’t solve it [Source]
My Opinion: Flex isn’t actually difficult, LFR is just that easy in comparison. Flex is the difficulty raids should begin at, so pugging through this tool is better by default. If you want to sight-see, then do LFR. If you want to raid, this tool makes a decent system into a good one.

My Response: Flex is a challenge, but should be accessible for everyone! Its tuned so that all players with some knowledge can complete it. The big issue that seems to persist in LFR is the lack of actual leadership. When everything is done by committee, you see these issues clearly. In reality, you will use the group finder to find something you already wanted to do. You will do LFR if you want to do LFR though.

LFR changes will gate raiding away from avarage players and return it to a toy for elite players only. Thanks for nothing [Source]
My Opinion: I hate you. Anyone who has the balls to say “Thanks for Nothing” to the man who essentially in charge of all things PVE should have his account banned. What a clown. Can’t even spell “average” correct, and has the nerve to make a comment like that. On topic, what are you even talking about? No one who raids seriously gives a damn about LFR for any reason. Furthermore, “average” players don’t do LFR either. This is such a retarded notion. If you want to do real difficulties, you can do it. It’s not defined by birthright. Nothing is stopping you except your own ineptitude. I mean, we raid 2 nights a week and have killed all but one heroic boss this tier. Just go out and do it!
“Organized” raiding is still not a thing for many of us – LFR *is* our endgame. And the so-called epic loot won’t be tier loot.



My Opinion: This is from the same guy who said the previous, and it makes it even more laughable. Organized raiding is not something you are born into. It is a “thing” for every player, if they choose to make it such. If they choose to make LFR their target, then nothing has changed. I can’t stomach people who act like they have been somehow delegated to ONLY do LFR. If you can play enough the hours a week that it takes to do LFR, you can do Flex or better. In my experience, LFR takes far longer than it takes to do actual wings of Flex.

My Response: I’m surprised the tier set bonus is such a sticking point for so many people! LFR will still drop the same ilvl loot compared to how it is today, and will have unique gear sets, as well as heavily increased drop rate. I understand why a lot of people are upset, but I promise once the expansion is out, you won’t feel like LFR has changed at all. If you chose to do LFR you will sympathize with those who choose to do Mythic, and do not wish to have to do 4 difficulties in order to get their set bonuses!

Increasing loot yield=LFR players not interested in stepping up unsubbing sooner once they have all their gear. Sound business? [Source]
Honestly, I’d rather someone take a break until new content rather than leave frustrated after grinding for loot that doesn’t drop but of course we want to offer diverse content to appeal to players, that isn’t tied to just ticking off a list of raid drops. – ION
There you go LFR people, if you’re not interested in stepping up Blizzard are happy to see you unsubscribe, you have your answer.

My Opinion: I hate you as well. Once again, if you aren’t interested in “Stepping up” and doing real raids, then you have no place in this conversation. LFR is still the same as it always has been. If you are that upset about gear in it, then you should be doing higher difficulties anyway, ESPECIALLY now that the group finder concept is in.

My Response: Sorry you feel that way, but our content is designed as a set of stairs. If the first step is leveling, and the last step being Mythic raiding, then you’d find LFR somewhere in the middle. It’s not designed to get all the gear from it and then consider yourself BIS and quit the game. If you enjoy LFR, you can do it. If you enjoy gear progression, then keep progressing into normal and heroic. They are much more accessible now, with the group finder.

I will NOT be able to raid in #Warlords now. Thanks for that. Every1 is getting bumped up except LFR raiders. my core fun = gone [Source]
My Opinion: There have been some dumb ones, but there is a reason this is at the end of the list. This is akin to “I will quit WoW because of no Flying.” These people are so out of touch with the game, its systems, and the actual purpose of the things they are complaining about, they should be banned from Twitter so people don’t see this and think it’s a valid concern. This is another prime example of a person who thinks there is this supposed blood right that people who do raids weekly have. I just don’t understand it. Even if you do find LFR now undesirable, just do normal or anything else really? Why are so many people saying “LFR is my only option, so now that game sucks because you changed its gear drops slightly?” They must have low goals in life as well.
Do you at least understand/care that for many, LFR was the tops and that taking that (tier gear) away feels immensely shitty?
My Opinion: NO. NO. NO NONONONONONONO. LFR is NEVER “tops” no matter who you are now that “flex” or WoD Normal are available. ESPECIALLY in WoD with the dungeon finder. It takes me the same amount of time to do a wing of LFR and a wing of flex now a days, and with the group finder feature going in, it will probably be quicker to find a group as well! Just try it! Why are so many people fighting this… It’s so silly. Regardless, if you are choosing to ONLY do this difficulty, then you do not acknowledge the gear pyramid in WoW and thus have no place complaining. It still drops gear, and I imagine it will be as good as anything else has been in LFR.

My Response: I quit.


So there we go. What’s the message to take away from this mess?

LFR is not end game. Stop selling yourself short and go try other difficulties. There will be a new group finder feature that will make doing everything so much easier. You will realize that when raiding has actual mechanics and people who want to be there, it’s a lot more fun. Don’t blame time, or schedule. It will take less time than LFR will, and you can still leave when you want. There are no lock outs. Saying things like “My endgame is LFR” is just you being lazy.
However, if you still want to do LFR though, you can continue doing so. There will still be a LOT of great gear to be had, but we had to remove the set bonuses because they are too strong for Mythic raiders early on. Sorry, but the truth is, if you ONLY do LFR for gear you are ignoring the gear progression in the game, and shouldn’t be so upset in the first place.


LFR Caliber player.