Gambit Gaming drop Darien and Diamondprox although Gambit Gaming are currently one of the lowest winning teams in the LCS and face relegation, from watching the team play it is obvious to see where their weak links are, but community and fans of the team didn’t expect them to drop both players. The team is currently sitting at 13 losses and 5 wins which puts them as the second lowest team with no signs of improvement.


With both Darien and Diamondprox being members of Gambit Gaming since January 2013 fans of Gambit have grown attached to the players but both the players currently hold 2nd and 4th lowest KDA’s this split with Darein on 1.25 and Diamondprox on 1.71 so changes did need to happen to give the team even an ounce of hope of staying in the LCS. Darien will be replaced by Kubon “Jakub Turewicz” from Reason Gaming although he hasn’t been with the team very long does show some promise. On the other side Diamondprox will be replaced by Loulex “Jean-Victor Burgevin” who is a challenger player and a sub for Gambit who has played for them in London during the Summer Split, he is more known for his Lee Sin so it will be interesting to see how he can perform on other meta junglers.


Will the fresh blood be enough to help keep Gambit in the running? Maybe but either way for Gambit fans this is sad news, with the recent loss of Alex Ich and now two more older Gambit players the team will be essentially a new team so for the sake of the fanbase lets hope these changes are able to spark new life into Gambit, but with the current state of the team I can’t blame them for attempting to revive the declining team.