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Working Clique – Just in Time for Raid Testing ;)


Finally we have our mousepress keybindings! Its been a long time coming, but with the inclusion of 5 man heroic dungeons as well as the raid testing this week, its a thing of great need.

If you would like to download it, you can find it here

Now it may not work the way you want it to, but I assure you once you understand what you are doing, it makes perfect sense. Allow me to walk you through exactly how you need to set this addon up. As a non-user myself outside of Beta, it took me a few minutes, but honestly the more I use it, the happier I am!

Clique to Enlarge!

Clique to Enlarge!

So anyway, that’s what the addon configuration would normally look like, minus the missing textures. Typically, or so I assume, you can bind direct from here by designating a mouse press and then selecting the spell.

In order to make this a reality on the beta, however, we need to do things the gritty way!

Navigate Here~

Navigate Here~

~Then here.

~Then here.

OK, so you have made it to the dark corner of Clique. After speaking with a few self proclaimed experts, this is apparently never used in Live WoW, but is obviously there in case the built in system fails. You see, each time you bind something with a mouse press it makes its own mouseover macro anyway, so instead of it doing it for us this time around, we are forced to take matters into our own hands!

The final image posted shows all you need to know, and honestly if you read the instructions there you should be all set. I’ll explain it more briefly though.

Click the Set Binding Button with whichever combination of mouse presses you wish. Modifiers like Shift + Right Click work very well, so feel free to use them.
Now in the text field, you need to create your own macro.

It needs to be mouse over targeting, as don’t forget, when you click some ones name you are by default mousing over them as well!
Here is an example of one of my spells.

/cast [@mouseover] Eternal Flame

For those really lost, the “macro” is broken down into two main parts.

/cast [@mouseover]

This part is universal for every spell you wish to bind to keypress. Make sure you have it there, otherwise you will just have to target the players as well. And that’s no fun!
The second part is the actual spell name. You can take the first part, copy + Paste it, and just insert it into every bind you wish for ease of set up.

After you have your spell bound, click save and repeat the process with different binds.

Hopefully that’s a clear enough explanation, but as always if you have any questions feel free to ask!


Oh you are still here? Good, let’s talk about this raid testing coming up on Monday…

So for the record, did I call that or what? Ya ya, I know I did, I don’t need your confirmation.

But there is still a LOT to be done, so let’s not call it prophetic yet. I’m still saying that this means we aren’t that far from a release, and apparently Blizzard employees have been tweeting images of Grom and the Dark Portal, saying things like “it looks strange” etc.

To me, that says 6.0 PTR, but we shall see what this teaser actually is.

Furthermore, Syiler found a tweet from Muffins saying that Brewfest and Hollow’s End will receive updated resources, but described Hollow’s End to have “made the cut” and will be tested in the next beta build. This to me screams that they are anticipating coming out with the expansion around then, but close enough to Hollow’s End that they aren’t worried about Brewfest. It will receive its upgrade the following year, is how I read that, ya know?
I think you do.

So that’s October to November, and it makes complete sense to me. If they can get it out in that time there will be plenty of time for Blizzcon hype as well as maybe even a 6.1 teaser there.

Last thing I want to talk about is the actual raid testing and the people we will have. Firstly, I encourage any players who are on the beta and want to test with Syiler, Meoni, and my Guild to add me at Metrolol#1195. Please don’t add me on Live, my friends list is full. Just hit me up on the beta, and let me know you are a Stratics reader or fan or whatever you wanna call it. There is a high chance we will need you for any raid testing or anything else you want to do. I’m always interested when I’m on, and when I’m not I may be able to be convinced that I should be interested!

Anyway, the raid testing starts this Monday at 430 EST, so expect to see us all together and Syiler hopefully streaming what will likely end up being a horrible, lag-filled crashfest, but MAY result in something worth recording.

If they can manage to push these out over the next two weeks, we may see Mythic, Challenge Mode, and “Normal” (Flex) testing in the coming weeks. That means all they have left to do is get the leveling servers wrapped up and we are ready for launch before September even comes!
Wishful thinking, likely!

Get Skada on WoD Beta! – Addons Confirm Prediciton!


First thing’s first, since I know its what you all came here for:

Click Here to download Skada for 18566

Now, stick around because we have much more to discuss. Obviously, skada allows you to view and track everything the combat logging discussed last week does but in game. This is probably pretty important for a lot of people, but hopefully it allows you to see the long term goal and realize that the things I have been talking about for 2 prediction posts now are actually coming true.

With the allowance of addons, those who develop them are already hard at work making stable usable versions of our favorites. Skada was the first to happen, but I assume I type others are following suite.

This couldn’t have come at a better time either, as alongside Addons, we have 3 heroic five mans to test! If you hadn’t read previously, I predicted Heroics testable this week, using the Flasks/Enchants + teleport guy as a precursor. I assumed it was to access dungeons we haven’t had access to, but its for an even more important reason.

Ion recently confirmed their usage by explaining that we can NOT queue for the heroics, likely because of the proving grounds requirement. In order to test them, we need to form a group, then use the NPC to take us there immediately. This further elaborates to what I was hypothesizing on with Challenge Mode testing, and allows us to throw speculation to the wind on what this man’s usefulness is.

Honestly, I understand why people may still doubt, but everything that I have logically presented has happened along a reasonable timeline. I think this proves we are really close to raid testing. All the beta keys + addons + Heroic dungeon testing and portals there + enchants and gems.

Its huge, frankly. Hard to ignore. The one piece of the puzzle still missing is actual PVE gear for the level 100s. This will likely be something that comes in quite late, and maybe even after raid testing begins. Regardless of its timeframe for introduction, I believe it is clear we are well on our way. The beta is in full force now, there are hundreds of thousands of people invited and testing, and real change is coming.

There has been so much improved on since this time last month that its hard to even qualitatively estimate, but at first glance it certainly would appear they are pressing for that release.

Even Bashiok agrees!

To Game or not to Game: A parent’s guide to WoW introduction

Age Requirement

“Mommy! I want to see the spider pet!” My seven year old asks this often. I don’t know if it’s because it’s blue, sparkly, or multi-legged. Whatever the reason I oblige and pull it up on my Night Elf Hunter. She laughs hysterically and tries to take control. Eventually, I know she’s going to be playing all on her own just like the sixteen-year-old who is sighing at the desk across the room. She’s fresh in Outlands and decided she wanted to take on a Fel Reaver. Maniacally, I grin at her. I know a lot of parents who let their kids play at an early age. That didn’t happen in this house. I waited until last year. And before you ask why she’s only just now in Outlands when she started last year, she wasn’t sure at first if she liked it. She got bitten with the gaming bug again two weeks ago and has now been inseparable from it since. So then, why did I introduce it last year and not when she was thirteen? Well, I wouldn’t call thirteen age appropriate honestly. In my opinion there are factors to consider before you put your child in a Multi-player Universe, let them create a character, and say have it. And that’s after they establish an interest.

For starters, there is the basic control of the components. In today’s age our kids know how to work a keyboard and a mouse by two. Wonderful, now teach them how to control both at the same time. If you can manage that, we can move on to the second requirement. I toss how well they read both words and mapping in to this too, since you have to pay attention to the quests and the maps. Toss in math skills for the auction house here as well.

Do they understand the difference between a game and reality? I wish I could just unequivocally say across board, SURE! But I know adults who seem to not be able to tell master this. That really has nothing to do with the game as much as it does the person playing it. And this feeds directly into my third requirement.

Can they exercise self-control? Let’s face it, people in these games range from wonderfully friendly to outright cruel. So when your child comes across a stranger in chat who is ranting about how their DPS rate sucks, are they going to get all butt-hurt and escalate the fight? Are they going to get off the computer and throw things? If the answer is yes, an MMO is maybe not the smartest way to go yet. I can see some parent now on the other side of this screen going, “Well I just let him log in and mine for me.” You would be totally right, if nodes and herbs weren’t constantly under attack from other gatherers. If you have herbing or mining, at some point you’re going to have your chosen target snatched away without any warning, and on any shard. It doesn’t just happen in a PvP environment.

And finally, are you the parent going to keep an eye on your child? This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Letting your kid or teen, have freedom in game is fine. But be responsible about it. Inform them that they cannot give out any personal information. Make them check in with you before they add someone to their friends list. Be there for help with quests and questions. Put them in your guild or a guild you trust. Check the language settings for guild chat. Make use of in game filters. Do not just accept that they are fine because they are playing something on computer. On the other side of the screen from them are actual people with completely different agendas, just like any other online system.

If you can look at this list and say, “I will be watching my child regularly. They are mature for their age. They won’t throw a tantrum when insulted by a stranger across the screen. They are in a guild I trust. They can handle the controls.” Then sure, by all means let your child play at thirteen. If you have to answer no to any of the above, then wait a year and re-examine where your child is at. Doing so will save you a lot of hassle from your second-generation gamer and a lot of bad feedback from the people who come into contact with your child.

While it boils down to each parents personal choices on what is best for their child, remember that in an MMO your choices affect others too.







Ridin The Waves – Predictions Continued!

Tahiti Wave

I will accept oaths of loyalty this coming evening. All who wish to commit their souls to my rule need but kneel and say the words.


Not confirmed yet, but another MASSIVE beta wave went out. Honestly, everyone I know now has it. Except like 2 people. There was a lot of speculation as to what criteria this wave consisted of, and even after blue response, I would offer a more likely solution.

Bashiok took to Reddit for some reason to explain, but I still don’t buy it. Let me tell you what I think and why it plays in to exactly what I was talking about with last week’s predictions.

When I logged on to WoW before raid, I was surprised to find nearly everyone in my guild received a WoD Beta invite. We were all laughing and talking about how great it was going to be. After a while, two new recruits logged on and noted they had NOT received a beta invite and were upset and surprised we ALL had. Like literally, the entire guild is in now minus these two new members.

As a joke, one of our leaders said “You didn’t get in because you joined after we killed garrosh. They only gave it to people who were there for the progression.” We all laughed, and continued discussing the implications of having a full guild in the test.

One seemed quite obvious, and was brought up by multiple people: When raid and other testing starts, we will all be able to participate!


Population who have received Beta.

Population who have received Beta.

So after a night of raiding, these ideas were really swirling in my head quite heavily. It became more and more pressing for me to ask around and see what was happening. So I asked two guild leaders on the server also running 25m Heroic raiding groups. One has been done with Garrosh since before we cleared it, and the other recently converted and just downed Siegecrafter for the first time this weekend.

The 14/14H officer returned a jovial “Ya man, like the entire guild got in lol.” The 12/14H officer was slower to respond and none to pleased when he did, offering a snide “No, why. I’ve been waiting for ever, but I never  get in to things like this. Doesn’t look like anyone else here did either.”

So, maybe a coincidence of course, and maybe a misunderstanding, but for the sake of this article we will progress UNDER THE ASSUMPTION that the beta wave targeted players that had been playing a long time with priority given to those 14/14H after a certain date.

But why would they do that, you might ask?
Well there are two pretty obvious reasons. I am probably giving Blizzard and their CMs WAY too much credit here, but put it this way. The “feedback” thread is a minefield. There is this one clown going on constantly about how the beta is terrible, how no one wants to play it, and how everything is broken beyond comprehension. Meanwhile, there have been 4 capped threads (=2000 and counting) over Flying in WoD, and another near capped thread on the Hubs changing places.

Not to mention the 10 threads a day about how bad the new Character Models are, along side how that one ability removed from each spec completely ruins the video game.

Its utterly horrid. It’s turned in to a general discussion forum honestly, and its to the point that no one there even plays the game seriously, let alone has serious feedback. For the record, if you are nitpicking the new models to the point of making 10s of posts on them, just stop playing the game. If you are staring at your characters face for that long in game then you should just go play a beauty simulator. The new models are amazing and a HUGE upgrade from what they were. You didn’t complain then, so don’t do it now.


Where was I? Oh ya, so they invite all these successful raiders to actually do content, instead of just complain about features that have no bearing on important parts of the game. But that isn’t the only reason they would do something this bold.

Once again, maybe too much read into this, but it seems pretty obvious that they are looking to elevate the build. They have announced the API changes needed to facilitate Addons, enabled Combat Logging functionality, and placed vendors with full enchants, potions, food buffs, and flasks. Now they invite a million~ 14/14H raiders!?

Raid testing is on its way boys.

On top of this, we have our confirmation that the next phase will hit the ground running.

That guy, who apparently works at Blizzard, goes on to say later in the string that the build will be up some time next week. This comes on the coattails of Foror saying that they have the other four zones ready, and the next builds will contain two at a time. How exciting is that

But given what we already knew, each time the leveling side gets something, the Level 100 server gets something else. How appropriate would it be to released the next wave of dungeons, wrap that up, and be testing heroics and CM by August? Raids shortly after? then 2-3 months of alternating day Raid testing and the end game is ready to be shipped!

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a LOT to do. They haven’t even added Pet Battling yet, and I know it sounds minor, but that has a lot to it. Not to mention all there is to do in Draenor at 100. Even with the server, we still need to test the end game pve outside instances.

Well anyway, hopefully you guys are as excited as I am. Stay tuned to the associated youtube channels as well as wow.stratics for all the coverage. And maybe some more wod beta key giveaways for those unlucky ;)


How2: Combat Logging on the Beta – Six Simple Steps!


Some time recently, Blizzard took the first step towards addon allowance, likely around the same time they released this blue post.

If you haven’t read my last article, I would remind you that it is mandatory, but either way the point is that I think I have even more evidence now towards my prediction.

I’m a bit late discovering this, but it hasn’t been possible for that long. Trust me, its one of the first things I tested during the Alpha! The big issue is the data being gathered by the logging sites isn’t recognizable, and even now it is barely so.

To use an example:
In MoP beta, If anyone used a Symbiosis spell to do damage it completely destroyed the log. While you could upload and read the datum from MoP quite clearly, because it didn’t recognize how a Retribution Paladin was able to use Wrath, everything went haywire. The issue was present in Recount as well when addons were eventually enabled, and made testing a real nightmare, as essentially every time anyone used Symbiosis to effect the combat table, it added a new person to the list and would reset the data

I don’t know how much this was the game’s fault or the actual people developing the combat log coding, but either way I am here to officially inform you that it is now doable. I will walk you though everything you need to know about how to set this up, and will demonstrate a bit of what I was able to acquire this week, despite the bug with DPS gear scaling being non-existent.

Step <ONE>:

Sign up and get started!

Sign up and get started!

Head over to

This isn’t an article to bash or promote any of the options, but it does appear that Warcraft Logs is being actively worked on and improving, where as the other options have seemingly fallen into disrepair.

If its your first time using the site, you may need to spend some time familiarizing yourself as well. This is not within the scope of this article, but should be easily figured out. Simply make an account and get comfortable.

Continue on when you are ready.

Step Two:

Get the Client installed!

Get the Client installed!

This client uses Adobe Air instead of java plugins, so you should immediately be satisfied. Its unlikely you have Adobe AIR on your computer already though, so when you click the link, make sure to install AIR first, and then move on to the Client package.

Once you get both done, it should unpack by itself and be ready to mess about with.

Step Three:

Create Shortcut, open client!

Create Shortcut, open client!

The client is pretty basic, even with its expanded features, but lets take a moment to talk about all the things you need to know here.

First of all, you will need to log in with your actual account from the website. The client will sync your data between server side and client side and things will appear as they do now. There is an optional step not included here which you can exercise to create a guild, but once again, beyond the scope of this guide. If you would like to do that, feel free, but it is entirely optional for the beta. If you contribute to a guild, its advisable you upload these as private, especially if your guild takes logs serious. No need to clutter their pages with messy beta logs that make no real sense to non-testers. (we call them no beta club)

Now the two final selectors are your most important assets. Essentially, you can choose to either upload a log that you have stored to view and dissect it, or you can upload a live report which is what most people will chose to do. Both are viable options here, but in case you have already been on the beta and wish to view previous data, you can choose to exercise this option.

If you wish to log from here on out, ignore that feature.

Step Four:

Establish Log Destination!

Establish Log Destination!

Article inception! Anyway, next step is simply press Browse and navigate to your beta folder.

In case you can’t find it, the easiest way to determine the path is to right click any WoW icon you have on your desktop, and click “Open File Location.” Then backwards navigate from there to where the default folder when clicking Browse on the log client takes you.

If you still can’t figure it out, you may need to check if your computer is plugged in. Yes maam, I understand how important this matter is, but please calm down. I’m trying to help.

Step 1-4 were entirely setting up the logging client to receive the data, but the chances are you need to enact a few more steps before you are officially ready to collect!

Step Five:

Establish the Log File!

Establish the Log File!

If this is the first time doing so, your folder will look like it does now. The client is set to recognize any LOG file that appears in there, but currently there are none! You see, Blizzard by default does not have combat logging running. Thankfully as well, because if this were the case your computer may accidentally fill up with crap you don’t even want.

In order to establish the log file, but also keep it neat and tidy, we are going to use a simple macro in game.

Open your macros, find an icon that fits your tastes, and make the entirety of it:

Who said this was going to be complicated!

Now, put that macro some where and press it. When you do, you will see yellow text saying
Combat being logged to Logs/wowcombatlog.txt

Press it again and it will say
Combat logging disabled.

This macro now allows you to log specifically what you want, if you wish to eliminate all the extra crap that will likely come along. Just make sure you remember to turn it on and off at the right times!

If this is your first time and you are serious about this, I would just leave it on whenever you are inside any instance or dungeon. Its best to have the whole log there so you can break down every second of your time in there. But there is also the option to only log for bosses. Just make sure you are out of combat when you start the log, otherwise it wont appear properly, even on Live!

Now logging in enabled, you are welcome to enter an instance and go nuts! Make sure you press the START button on the log client as well.
All your actions will be recorded, including you movement through the rooms, any healing or damage you do, and how long you spend on each combat session.

Once you have completed the dungeon, the next step is viewing your work!

Step Six:

Part 1: Collection Complete?

Part 1: Collection Complete? Click View Report!

Part 2: Decipher!

Part 2: Decipher!


Follow the instructions on the above images, and you should now be on the page your log is stored at. Note the highlighted text on the top left of the second image, as it is very important.

So typically, this website’s output reader and storage breaks each combat instance down by “Boss kills” and otherwise. This is obviously to include everything, but negate the pile of crap you would have to wade through to see each attempt on a boss. So typically, you would select the menu you wish to operate out of, and search below it for the specific combat instance you wish to examine.

Unfortunately, currently in the beta this is not the case. However, it is savvy enough to also name each combat instance under the first mob engaged. So essentially, if you see something with a generic name, you can assume this is trash or something equivalent.

However, if you see a specific name such as “Commander Tharbek” then you know this is a boss encounter! It’s just not properly labeled yet. Its very likely that by the time many of you read this, the issue described has been fixed though. So ya, sorry for wasting your time!

Anyway, you should be all set now. Just leaf through every combat instance and find whats important to you. The issue with 5 man content is the bosses typically have a lot of strange mechanics that interact with dps uptime in different ways, so just take it all with a grain of salt.

Also, I think its best if you only examine your ability in dungeons for now. Open world Logging has always been strange, no reason to complicate it even more with Beta!


For those of you interested, you can check out some of UBRS done by myself as a Monk tank.

*Also, as of July 11 2014, Beta scaling is not working. Its scaling level 100 DPS specs to 90, and not effecting 90s at all. This is apparently being hotfixed shortly, but just wanted you to understand why the DPS in these logs is so low. Only look at the Tank and Healing numbers! You have been warned.

Even though the scaling is broken (meaning their characters are level 90 attacking high level bosses,) it is obvious to see Destro locks are currently better then weapon warrior. I’d make a post about this on the official forums.

As always, if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask here or on our forums!